Molly Sims’ Beachy French Braid

We know that when it’s hot outside, like it has been lately, trying to make your hair look perfect is kind of pointless. With humidity comes frizz, flyaways or a messy looking mop. Braids are one of our favorite go to hairstyles for looking chic while beating the heat. Molly Sims, who just became a mother a month ago today to baby boy Brooks Alan Stuber, looks radiant at the age of 39 and is always on the top of our trendsetters list. She’s been seen rocking beachy hair and a variety of braids that we just can’t help adding to our summer look book. There are so many creative ways you can wear a braid, from the messy French braid to a tighter braided bun, all braids make for a stylized look that works to keep the hair off the back of your neck. Try Molly Sim’s side French braid for a super easy French side braid that is beachy and perfect for summer. Plus it works well day or night.


Here’s How To Get Molly Sims’ Side French Braid:

Before jumping into the braiding process prepare your strands for styling. This is easily done with the help of the basic hair styling products. If your mane is prone to become frizzy, you should use mousse to slick it so it stays put when being styled. It will also make your braiding job easier because the hair will go where you want it to without a problem. Pour any kind of stylizing mousse on your hands and run your fingers through the strands of your bangs/ front hair to cover all of the hair that’s going to be braided.

Then comes the parting, if you decided where to begin the braiding, make sure you separate your hair the way you want to wear them. Part your hair to one side and pull all the hair you want to braid forward. You can go for either the left or right depending on how you would usually part your hair. Put the remaining hair in a bun so it’s not in the way. Divide your side parted, front hair into three equally thick sections.

Now it’s time for the actual French braiding across your hairline. When you’re ready, grab the hair to be braided and further divide it into 3 separate and even sections as if you would French braid the hair in the back.

Then, go on braiding the 2 parts on the sides. The piece in the middle should constantly grab and incorporate the rest of the hair, this way securing the braided section to the head. Now leave the middle part follow its way and rather crisscross the tresses on the side further grabbing the additional strands. Do this French braiding technique until you reach the ears. Secure with an elastic band, and pin the braid behind your ear.

At this point you can either include the braid into the messy, beachy ponytail like Molly Sims or bun it for a more put together look. If you opt for Sims’ do, remove the unbraided hair you pulled back earlier and scrunch it with a curling/volumizing mousse like Garner Fructis Style Curl Construct Mousse with your hands to maximize the beachy effect. Spray a texturizing spray like d:fi beach bum all over the wavy hair strands to add texture. Then just put it in a low side ponytail.

If you go with the bun, skip over all the texturizing/beachy wave steps and just brush the hair and make a bun of your choice. We recommend you go a low version of this messy bun worn by Hillary Duff.  Click here to see how to create this bun. Follow the exact same steps but obviously, don’t pull hair on top of the head. Rather, make a low bun where the braid meets the ear and follow the rest of my steps.

Let us know if you decide to try Molly Sims’ braided hairstyle and how it turned out!