Mila Kunis Channels Audrey Hepburn in the August 1950’s Inspired Dior Campaign

Mila Kunis went vintage glam the latest Miss Dior ad campaign, appearing in a series of photographs inspired by 1950’s Hollywood glamour for the Fall/Winter 2012 bag collection, shot in LA by photographer Mario Sorrenti. Kunis, who rocked a bouffant hairstyle and dark smokey eye makeup channeled the likes of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, looking polished, timeless and elegant in the photo shoot. Her big hair, dark makeup, high heels  and black and white photographs capture a different side of Mila that screams retro 50’s and is extremely intriguing.


The campaign will be debuted in the August issue of Elle Hong Kong. The 28 year old actress said, “What attracted me to Dior I think was the idea of being a part of a lineage that is so admired and looked up to. They’re very consistent with their designs; you see a Dior dress, you know it’s a Dior dress. They’re very classic, very consistent, really elegant and really beautiful.”

Get Mila Kunis’ 1950’s Vintage Glam Makeup Look

Heavy eye makeup was an essential aspect of retro 1950’s makeup looks, and Mila is the perfect example of this in her Miss Dior campaign. Eyebrows were mostly thicker in the outer corner and then tapered off to form a clean point. It was customary to take what you had, tweeze it into a thin line and then use a pencil to darken and thicken the brow line. Eyeliner was also heavy and looks ranged from a winged eyeliner look to a smokey eye. The various products used to create 1950’s eye makeup look include pencil, liquid and gel eyeliner, one of Mila’s favorite products to bring out her noticeably big hazel eyes.

  • Eyebrows should be thick, lift slightly at the arch and taper towards the end.
  • Prime the eyelids with primer, foundation and translucent powder.
  • Apply a matte, sable eyeshadow to the eyelid from the base of lashes up into the socket.
  • Apply the same color underneath as an eyeliner to make your eyes look larger.
  • Use a gel eyeliner along the top lashes, taking the line up and out, and increase the pressure as you move to the outer edge of the eye to get a thicker line. Blend the edge of the line with a blending brush to thicken further.
  • Use a thickening mascara on the top lashes, wiggling the wand from side to side to coat each lash. Use the tip of the wand to apply mascara to the lower lashes.
  • Apply under eye concealer and blend down and out.
  • Create a matte complexion with translucent powder.
  • Contour the cheekbones with a matt contouring powder, and apply it with an angled brush, starting at the highest point of the dip in the cheek. Start at your hairline and work forward. Finish the cheeks with a natural powder blush, brushing downwards onto the cheekbones
  • Line the lips using a lip brush and a nude/peach lipstick.
  • Finish by spraying Skindinavia Finishing Spray to extend makeup wear, maintain color and prevent makeup from slipping, melting and creasing. Skindinavia invented the makeup finish as a simple way for women to keep their makeup looking flawless all day. Each spray uses our patented Temperature Control Technology® which prevents makeup from melting, drying out, becoming shiny, or creasing. Skindinavia Makeup Finishes hold everything in place while giving you a healthy, natural glow. Never too dry or too oily. No touch ups or blotting. Just you and the perfect look you love. All day.

By following these simple steps you will capture the essence of the 50’s Mila Kunis Miss Dior classic  look, with her glowing skin and sultry eyes.