James Michael Sama: Men On Makeup – What They Really Think

James Michael Sama: Men On Makeup – What They Really Think

It’s hard for women to know what men think about when first meeting a woman. Until now. Writer James Michael Sama has exclusively given SKINDINAVIA PRO a look inside the mind of men.

Men On Makeup: What They Really Think

As men, there are many things that we notice about a woman. For example – is she wearing a wedding ring? What does her outfit say about her? Is her personality as great as her smile is?

But probably the first thing men notice is a woman’s face. An effortlessly gorgeous, girl-next-door look is probably the biggest attraction to a man.  And while most women wouldn’t think makeup is something a man observes, it’s true. We may not know squat about makeup, but men are more attracted to a woman whose natural allure is enhanced by beautifully applied makeup.

Whether you care what men think or not, it’s always nice to get an inside look into how men feel about women’s makeup.

Does it look like you’re wearing a mask?

One of the most important aspects of a woman “putting her face on,” as they say, is to not be able to tell a face has been put on! If your foundation isn’t effectively blended evenly over the face, it may appear as though your skin is two different colors, also known as “the caked on look,” and believe me, men will notice. Most men would like to think you woke up looking  the way you do with perfectly applied makeup. Even though that’s not the case, it’s nice to let them believe so. Make sure all problem areas are covered and that your makeup doesn’t appear streaky. The goal is to look like you haven’t tried at all. Not like a sophisticated clown.

Did you just kiss a firetruck?

Some men may be intimidated by a woman in red lipstick – but it can be pulled off nicely when done right. Plus, if you’re a woman bold enough to wear  a head turning bright red lipstick, do you really want a dull partner? I think not.

The key to wearing a red lipstick is to make sure it matches well with your skin tone and once you find that perfect shade, you’ll look instantly chic. A darker shade of burgundy nicely mimics a vintage look, but bright red can make a statement. You are sexy, you mean business, and you don’t care who knows it.

One of the biggest turnoffs to a guy is lipstick smeared across your lips, which can make you look like the Joker from Batman… NO girl wants this.

Do you look like a melted candle?

During a hot day, a day in and out of buildings with different temperatures, or a fun night out in the city – there can be havoc wreaked on your makeup and you could potentially wind up looking like Courtney Love after a late night bender. There is nothing like smudged, cakey makeup to turn a guy off. You want to look consistent. When the lights turn on in a bar, your guy will be even more impressed when he sees that your beautiful facial features are even better – not some montage that changes when the lights turn on.

Do you look like a bag of Skittles exploded on you?

More… is not always more. You can accentuate the colors of your outfit in your makeup, without actually matching them. Men will notice if it looks like you shop for your makeup at Crayola.

Subtle beauty is underrated. Keep it simple with silver, bronze, or gold shading to accent your clothing and jewelry, use light coloring to make your eyes pop, but if you’re unsure, it’s safer to not try to mix and match.

Do you look perpetually surprised?

The natural positioning of our eyebrows gives away our mood before we even have a chance to express our emotions. Are they furrowed and angry or confused looking? Raised and surprised? While their position changes according to how we feel, the trend of more… artificial, shall we say, solutions has emerged. The sleek, slender look of a pencil-assisted brow can be incredibly sexy, but it has to be done right. Be sure not to pay attention to positioning; too high or too low could send the wrong message to people. All the time.

Red lipstick still a makeup do for you? Do you agree with James? Dish on your thoughts below!