Makeup Travel Tips

With COVID restrictions now being lifted around much of the world, traveling is ramping back up in full force this spring and summer – and we are absolutely here for it! After almost two years of taking it easy and maybe doing more low-key local getaways, we are very much looking forward to some international trips in the coming months.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do when looking forward to a trip is figuring out what to wear. Whether it’s a resort ensemble, a wedding guest look, or a costume for a theme night, it’s fun to plan out your outfits and makeup while getting your things together for vacation. The only challenge is trying to fit everything in your bag! Skindinavia has some tips on what makeup to pack for your upcoming trip, along with a few makeup essentials for your carry-on bag.

Product Tips & Tricks

Use Refillable Containers

So we all know that travel sizes are clutch when traveling with a carry-on, but a lot of the time, your go-to Target or CVS may not have the exact product you want in a travel size version. Our solution? Try grabbing a set of refillable travel-sized containers that you can put your own favorite products in. Use the containers for shampoo, conditioner, or lotion! You know which products work for you the best and it’s nice to have them when traveling.

We love this reusable travel set from Sephora, especially because you can use the stickers to label which product is in each container!

refillable makeup containers

Test Out Trial Perfumes

While I have a signature scent I wear most days, I hardly ever wear that perfume while traveling because I don’t want to bring my big bottle with me. While I know I could easily get a smaller size of the perfume, I like testing out new scents while on vacation to switch things up and see if there’s other scents that I may like better!

One of my favorite gifts to give and receive is a trial set of perfumes (check out this spring scent essential set from Ulta).

I typically throw one or two of the trial scents in my carry-on to use throughout my vacation, and don’t feel bad if I don’t like a scent and don’t bring it back with me. If I do like the scent though? One of the best parts of these trial sets is that oftentimes they give you a coupon or a voucher to redeem for a full size version when you go back to the store! I’ve actually gotten quite a few of my favorite scents this way.

Go-To Makeup Travel Products – What to Take!

Tinted Moisturizer

This product should be the first makeup product you pack on vacation because it’s two products in one! Especially if you are going somewhere in the sun, you can use tinted moisturizer in lieu of foundation and be ready to hit the beach or pool. Bonus points if your tinted moisturizer also has SPF in it, but we recommend also applying a layer of sunscreen to your face after applying moisturizer just to be safe!

Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

While this may be an obvious choice if your travel destination is somewhere tropical, waterproof mascara and eyeliner will also come in handy if you are traveling for a wedding (cue the waterworks!) or for an adventure (don’t want your makeup to disappear for those skiing or hiking pics!) And you never know what the weather will be at a new place! When choosing your eyeliner, might we consider the space-saving option by picking a color that can double as an eyebrow pencil.

Tinted Lip Balm/Gloss

When choosing what to put on your pout during your travels, it may make sense to pack a colored gloss that can give your lips an extra boost of moisture while also delivering color and brightness. It’s not super convenient to travel with a balm, a gloss, a lipstick, and a pencil, so KISS (keep it simple, silly!) and choose your favorite gloss combo – might we suggest this budget friendly butter gloss option from NYX that we love!

Finish with Setting Spray

Since you’ll be in a new place and you don’t know how your products will react to a different climate/humidity/etc., it’s important to lock in your look with a finishing spray so that your makeup stays in place! Skindinavia’s setting spray is water-resistant and will keep your makeup in place for up to 16 hours – perfect for that all-day excursion or an entire night out on the town!

finishing spray

Wherever you choose to travel this year, we hope you have a great time and that it’s filled with memories to last a lifetime!