Makeup Primers – 3 Reasons You Should Be Addicted

primer how to use a primer


Your face is a canvas, and like any surface you would paint, it needs to be primed. Using a primer is well worth the few extra seconds it takes to apply it, and below, we’ve listed the three biggest reasons the pros – and you – should use a primer every single day.

Your Makeup Will Look Better and Last Longer

This might seem obvious, but it bears pointing out since it’s the most immediate benefit. As you apply makeup over your primer, you’ll immediately notice that it applies better and more smoothly. Blending colors becomes easier, while creases become a thing of the past. As you check on your makeup throughout the day, whether it’s on yours or a client’s face, you’ll also notice that it wears much better than it used to. It’s a bit jarring at first, since so many of us are used to the midday melt or fade, but you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it. Once you implement daily use of a primer, your makeup routine becomes so much more fun. With a primer that features long-wear benefits, such as Skindinavia’s Makeup Primer Spray, your makeup will stay in place for up to 16 hours a day.

It’s Cost Effective For Both Your Money and Time

The idea of adding one more product to your makeup routine might seem like a needless burden on your budget and time. However, in the long run, a primer will save you on both. As we mentioned above, a primer keeps your makeup in place for up to 16 hours a day – that means 16 hours without touching up your makeup or unnecessarily touching your face. You’ll save yourself a good chunk of time since you aren’t checking on your makeup every five minutes. Additionally, fewer touchups mean using less product. That means means your products themselves will last you longer and over time, you’ll save money since you’re buying and using less makeup.

Your Complexion Will Improve

No matter how great your skincare routine is or how advanced your makeup is, painting foundation over your pores every day cause cause congestion. Primer is the bridge between skincare and makeup, and utilizing a silicone-free primer to your routine can lead to a better complexion over time for several reasons. First of all, it provides a barrier between your skin and your foundation, preventing any products from settling into fine lines or pores and clogging them up. Secondly, it can help control oil production, which helps your skin in two ways: it keeps your skin calm, and it it reduces the needs for blotting and touch-ups. As a result, you’ll be touching your face less often, which generally is a good thing since sometimes our hands aren’t the cleanest of surfaces.