Long-Wear Holiday Makeup – TheBeautyDepartment.com

Don’t we all love The Beauty Department and they’re super easy, to-the-point beauty tutorials? TBD’s own, Amy Nadine, lists Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray as one of her three favorite setting sprays in her Makeup Lockdown tutorial, here. I thought these makeup tips will help you get through the holiday party madness all this week! Follow these to save you from fading blush and smudged lipstick:

MAKE IT LAST tutorial by Amy Nadine, thebeautydepartment.com

“It comes down to these three tips and techniques:

  1. first apply foundation with a buffing brush to really work it in (you can choose a longwear foundation but I’ve found those just sit on the surface of my skin and come off on my phone),
  2. then stipple the powder on instead of sweeping it across and
  3. finish with a setting spray.”


Amy uses Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray in Step 4. If you also have our Makeup Primer Spray, spritz it on a clean, moisturized face before Step 1. You can of course include both, Primer and Finishing Sprays, into these steps for ultimate long-wear makeup. And a Makeup Artist pro trick is to mist your foundation and eyeshadow brushes lightly with our sprays before application (perfect for a wet, glitter shadow!). You won’t have to worry about touching up your makeup after these steps, trust me! Enjoy a wonderful, fun and glamorous Happy Holidays!! xox

Tell me all about your bullet-proof makeup techniques below!