Katy Perry Channels Inner Jackie O. At the Grammy Awards

All eyes were on Katy Perry at the Feb. 10 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles as she strutted the red carpet in a low-cut mint Gucci dress that showed off her amazing figure. The 28-year-old singer was nominated for Best Pop Solo, but ended up losing to Adele.  Still, Katy Perry stole the show with her bouffant hair, big eyelashes, and show-stopping dress.

Bouffant hair became popular when Jackie O. made a name for herself wearing the puffed up hairstyle, but Katy Perry showed us just how to rock a modern-day version of the 50’s inspired do.

1. Starting with wet hair, use a volumizing hairspray before blow-drying. We’re looking to achieve a look with some body so a volumizing spray is a must. Start blow-drying the hair but leave it semi damp.

2. Wrap one-inch sections of your hair around big Velcro rollers. Then spray a strong hold hairspray all over the rolled hair. Finish blow-drying for a good five to ten minutes or until hair is fully dry.

4. Make a center part. Section off two pieces of hair and start combing through and teasing the top parts of the hair, close to the scalp, to create the bouffant. You should may special attention to teasing the back of the head if you want to copy Jackie O.

5. You may need to keep teasing the front sections of your hair to create the same kind of volume you have in back. Use your fingers to smooth out the hair to your liking.

6. Finish with a strong hairspray and voila you’ve got Katy Perry’s Grammys Awards hairdo that’s got everyone talking!

To add that finishing touch to your Katy Perry Grammy’s look, wear fake eyelashes! Katy Perry has her own eyelash line called Eylure, and why wouldn’t she when she’s always rocking big eyelashes that complement her pretty green eyes. There’s just something about a bouffant do paired with big fake eyelashes, don’t you think?

What did you think of Katy’s Grammy look?