Kate Hudson’s Oscars Makeup: The Perfect Example of Contouring

Kate Hudson’s Oscars Makeup look was uber glamorous, due in large part to her perfectly contoured face. She played up her pretty face with black eyeliner and a perfect contouring job. Contouring is all about sculpting the face and creating dimension. It can also make your face look slimmer and give you that celeb glow like Kate Hudson.

Often times many women forget about contouring and instead, just dust bronzer all over their face. Well we’re not in high school any more so it’s about time to kick that habit now. To properly contour you need a powder thats two to three shades darker than the color of your skin. You can still use bronzer when contouring if you are looking to achieve more of a bronze glow for Spring. The idea is to darken the areas of the face you want to hide, while highlighting areas you want to show off.

Skindinavia Tips To Get Kate Hudson’s Oscars Makeup Look

  • Using a bronzer to contour, make a fish face by sucking in your cheek bones and dust the bronzer from your hair line down to your cheek. Next take your bronzer and run the brush underneath your jawline and on both sides of your nose, blending evenly. This will give you the skinny model face every girl oohs and ahhs over. Finish with a light dusting around your forehead by the hairline only.
  • If your eyelids are starting to look droopy contouring is a great way to hide that unflattering sagging eye effect. Take a small angled brush and blend a contour powder in the crease or over the entire eyelid making sure to blend upward. If you’re looking for a perfect powder to use for contouring check out Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Powder.
  • To make your nose appear slimmer, use a very small brush and dust a darker powder or bronzer on the sides of the tip of your nose. Fill in the center with a lighter contouring powder and voila! Instant nose job.
  • Contouring can also help slim the neck and hide the appearance of a double chin. Dusting contouring powder directly all over your double chin with a large fan brush will make your face look more slender.
  • Make sure to spray Skindinavia makeup Finishing over the face to keep your contour glow in place all night.