Jules De Jesus Fritz – Transition into Spring Beauty!

Jules De Jesus Fritz and #TeamDollface

Spring cleaning your beauty routine with Savannah based Makeup Artist Jules De Jesus Fritz. Below Jules tells all on making the switch to Spring and revamping your makeup bag and great skincare tips!

Ahhh the moment you step outside and the weather is a dream… that’s the exact moment I want to trade in my boots for my sandals and flip-flops. My first mani/pedi of Spring is my favorite. Completely refreshing and absolutely necessary! I’m going to give you ideas of how you can enjoy that delicious moment of refreshment in the rest of your beauty routine.

Get the Glow

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Dry, winter skin needs lots of love so it can turn into that healthy glow we all love. Getting a deep clean starts with removing your makeup, then cleansing. If you don’t take time to do both steps it’s like mopping your floor before you sweep. You’re just pushing around all the dirt. A good steam, either at your gym or in your shower, can really help to open up your pores, making the dead skin easier to slough away. Exfoliate everything from your face to your toes. Don’t skip moisturizing, use oil-free if you are oily. Your skin is really smart; skipping this step will result in more oil production since your body will think you are dried out. In my beauty routine, I love the results of using coconut oil as my moisturizer for face and body. Your skin will love it too!

Switch up your Makeup!

Transitioning into the warmer weather is a great time to change up your makeup. Less is more especially leading into summertime. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams feel like a breath of fresh air to your newly turned over skin cells. Using a cream blush will also give you a fresh color from within. Try using a colored eye liner for a subtle, springtime pop!

Fun in the Sun

Sun protection is key to avoid burning and advancing the aging process. For those of you that hate sunblock on your face, invest in a cute hat! My big sun hat actually has SPF 50 in the fibers so I can be protected and fashionable at the same time. Forget that “base tan,” try using bronzer or treat yourself to a spray tan as you naturally get darker. You’ll look great and you’ll skip the “base tan burn & peel” session. Hopefully you now have new ideas to help you switch up your routine from winter to spring!  xo- Jules

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Let us know if you’ll be using these helpful tips, below! Which hot new items will you be adding to your makeup bag?

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