How to Get Hillary Duff’s Messy Ballerina Bun

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all summer, you would know that one of the hottest and easiest hairstyles around is the bun. Buns are everywhere this summer from the red carpet to the streets. Whether ballerina-sleek or strategically tousled, the bun is one of the easiest ways to add class to any look. It can be worn at a red carpet event or during the day for a quick, but put together look. Hillary Duff’s messy high bun is proof that sometimes the easiest hairstyles are the most beautiful ones of all.

Buns are amazing for the summer because when it’s really hot outside, all we want to do is get the hair off the neck and shoulders. They are also perfect for when you wake up late and have no time to shower. Just sweep that hair up into a high bun like Hillary Duff and you’re style chic and stylish for work. It works well with any type of hair for curly to stick straight and you can dress it up with a headband or pretty pin. Follow these steps to get Hillary Duff’s messy ballerina bun.

  1. If your hair is straight, curl it under so that the pieces are easier to tuck into the bun when you’re pinning it. If your hair is curly, just don’t mind this step.
  2. Flip your hair over and bunch everything into a high ponytail on top of your head, securing it with an elastic ponytail holder.
  3. Only pull the ponytail through half way so that you have a halfway bun (or as we like to call it, the mom bun)
  4. Take the loop you’ve created and spread it out. Don’t over think it. Just widen it and allow it to be somewhat messy.
  5. Take the tail end that’s hanging out of the mom bun and wrap it around the ponytail base, twisting and tucking it into the ponytail holder.
  6. Pin the end of the ponytail to the base using a couple of hair pins/bobby pins, securing it in place so it stays put throughout the day/night.
  7.  Gently pull on pieces and then pin them. This will give your top-knot a slightly more messy texture.
  8. Spray a veil of medium hold hairspray all over. Try Bed Head’s Massive Shine Hairspray to add some extra shine for a sleek ballerina bun look.
  9. Don’t smooth down all of the fly aways, just lightly tuck the pieces that have come out.

That’s it! Now you know how to do a sexy high bun for those days you can’t stop hitting snooze.