How to Contour Like a Pro

Unless you live under a rock, you’re sure to have heard about the term “contour” in the last few years. Made popular by celebrities like the Kardashians along with models and influencers, there is plenty of content out there that can teach you how to contour. However, are you contouring your makeup in a way that complements your face and makes you look thinner and younger? We’ve gathered up the best material out there to teach you the best way to contour your face.

Contour 101

Let’s start first by defining what contouring is. Plainly put, it’s applying makeup in a way that enhances your facial features. Contouring is most often used around the brow bones, nose, cheeks, and the chin. Products used for contouring often include cream foundation, concealers, bronzers, and powders that tend to be slightly darker than your natural skin tone.

This article from Byrdie gives you the step-by-step instructions on how to contour. At a high level, you’ll apply concealer to your face, then apply the products listed above to the facial features you wish to sculpt or enhance. From there, you’ll blend to make the makeup look more natural, then apply blush and highlighter. To complete the look, add your normal makeup products like mascara, lipstick, or eyeliner. And don’t forget your makeup finishing spray! Finishing spray, also referred to as setting spray, locks your look in place and helps you to avoid any smudges or fading throughout the time of wear. 

How to Contour to Make you Look Younger

One trick to making you look younger without the injections or expensive treatments or facial products? Contouring! How you apply your contour can be a game changer for making you look younger.

Check out this TikTok below from Mayra Lopez for a detailed guide on how to apply your makeup to make you look younger. For starters, make sure you apply your eyebrow pencil in a strategic angle that lifts your face and fills them into the outer and inner corners.


These little mistakes will make the biggest difference in your makeup game! If you need help with makeup placement, or you’re new to makeup and need help, comment Makeup for me to give you a free consultation! I love helping women of all ages feel confident and beautiful in their own skin! Explore my page for a ton of tutorials on color correction, contour placement, hooded eye tips and tricks and lots of easy makeup anyone can do! #seint #easymakeuptips #howtolookyounger #makeupover30 #makeuptipsandtricks #seintmakeupartist #seintmakeup #youthfulmakeup #over30 #over40 #over50

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For eyeliner, instead of just applying it above your eye, create a cat shape wing extension that also lifts your eye.

For eyeshadow, don’t apply any shimmery product on the brow bone, which can make your eye look more hooded. Instead, apply a light, matte shade.

For concealer, don’t apply the product down your face (towards the bottom of your nose). This will make it look patchy or make you look tired. Instead, just use it in the inner and outer corner and apply any color correction products first.

One of the biggest mistakes women with mature skin make when contouring is where they place it. Applying it too low tends to lead to a dropping effect, making you look older. Instead, when applying bronzer, place it above the hollow area of your face bone. And for the blush? Instead of applying to the apples of your cheeks, apply it directly above your contour!

Contour Tips and Tricks

If you are just starting out a contour technique, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Don’t overdo it. Sometimes less is more!

Don’t use too much product. A little can go a long way!

Keep the rest of your makeup product applications natural or normal. Don’t try and do too much by also applying a bold lip or sparkly eye with your contour look.

Highlight the bridge of your nose, but not the tip!

Stick to creamy contour products for your daytime contour look.