How Sochi Olympians Do Skin Care

It’s that time of the year where temps are so unpredictable. Weather across many of the states can feel like a roller coaster – warm one day and back to single digits and freezing the next. It’s important to maintain a good skin care routine through all the ups and downs. Here are some tips straight from Sochi Olympians who sure know a thing or two about freezing your butt off one minute and sweating the next.

Hannah Teter skin care: snowboarder/ half piper

Put a hot, steam-filled wash rag on your face and let it sit for about 5 minutes. You can also let it sit on top of your head while givingoff steam like a mini steam shower. It unclogs pores and makes your skin feel soft and rejuvenated.

Amy Purdy skin care: para snowboarder

Purdy, who lost her legs to bacterial meningitis at 19 years old, is also a trained aesthetician and makeup artist. So, this girl really knows how to take care of her skin in freezing cold temperature. Her secret weapon? Coconut oil. Purdy says she uses coconut oil on her skin, in her hair, and even in her smoothies. Coconut oil has powerful antioxidant powers with Vitamin E that can help prevent aging and keeps the skin moisturized.

Grace Gold skin care: figure skater

Grace Gold, the new face of Covergirl, uses primer before applying makeup which helps her makeup stay flawless throughout a routine. She uses several coats of mascara and a bright red lipstick after her primer is applied to achieve her signature look.

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