Healthy Skin for the New Year

Whether you set a new year’s resolution this year or not, there’s something about the new year that brings fresh energy and the ability to try new healthy habits. Why not apply some new healthy skin habits this new year? Whether that’s being more diligent with a nighttime skincare routine or doing what you can to combat dryness during the winter months, we’ve got a few healthy skin tips to help you start off the new year on the right foot.

As cold temperatures and harsh wind are the norm this time of year, so is dry skin. Here are a few healthy skin tips for you to apply in the new year.

Limit Hot Showers for Healthy Skin

There’s nothing better after a long day or a workout hopping into a steamy hot shower. However, it might be wise to not turn up the heat all the way. Hot showers dry out your skin, which tends to be more dry during the winter months anyway. We suggest either limiting the time you spend in your hot steamy shower or bath, or turning the heat down a bit. Your skin will thank you!

Avoid Scrubs and Scented Products

Another thing that can dry out your skin quickly is using a scrub in the bath or shower or scented products. While these types of products may feel and/or smell nice, they tend to dry out your skin. We suggest limiting your good-smelling lotions and fun scrubs during the colder months and instead opting for the basics – unscented body wash and aloe vera/lotion. And try to limit the times you exfoliate throughout the week to just when you are shaving.

Have Chapstick and Hand Cream on Hand

There’s nothing worse than having chapped lips or dry hands in the winter and feeling absolutely helpless! Combat this feeling by purchasing a few chapsticks and hand creams to have on hand. Keep one of each in your car, at your house, in your purse, and at your office! That way you won’t have to worry about switching out products throughout the day. Plus you’ll stay moisturized!

Drink Up for Healthy Skin

Big water bottles are super trendy now, along with the new year’s resolution of drinking more water. While oftentimes that goal is associated with weight loss, drinking more water will do wonders for your skin as well. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water (not soda water, not sodas!) throughout the day will lead to healthier, more glowing skin. Pro tip – add fruit (such as lime, lemons, or blueberries) to either your ice cubes or squeezed into your water glass for extra refreshment.

Go to the Doctor/Derm

It’s the new year, and it’s the perfect time to get your yearly physical and schedule that dermatologist appointment you’ve been putting off. Make sure your doc checks out all those concerning spots you’ve been curious about – it’s better to be safe than sorry! Investing in your health at the start of the year is always a good idea.