The hair accessory trends you need to know about for spring 2014

Leather headbands and sprinklings of iridescent flowers

From leather headbands to sprinklings of iridescent flowers, bows to golden barrettes, the right hair accessory will liven up any hairstyle come spring. If you want to be inspired by the best hair accessories from the runways, read on.

Sometimes looking beautiful has little to do with the amount of effort, or hours spent trying to build the extraordinary. Every now and then a modern twist, or a delicate adornment can easily succeed where a complex process fails entirely. As the hair trends for spring 2014 insist on pointing out, the upcoming season is all about achieving a sense of effortlessness, whether through the style itself or an unexpected use of hair accessories.

From gold barrettes and leather headbands, to flower blossoms and flakes of gold, the spring of 2014 mixes modern toughness with the best of femininity. Either you opt for sleek hairstyles and equally polished hair accessories, or you choose to take the subtle route and play upon delicate embellishments, one thing is certain: hair accessories are a key statement to be made all throughout spring and summer 2014.

Hair accessories for spring 2014

Evoking the elegance of past eras while keeping close to today’s idea of luxury, the hair accessories for spring 2014 are brimming with personality. Paired to perfectly polished, or absolutely effortless hairstyles, they are set to make the strongest impact if allowed to shine all on their own.

Flower hair accessories

With every spring that goes by, the use of flowers as source of inspiration grows to larger and larger extents. From beautiful floral prints and exquisite appliques covering your garments, to a handful of flower accessories adorning your hair, the transition appears not only easy, but also natural. For spring 2014 try:

Hippie flower headbands

Accompanying flowy materials and sticking close to the nonchalance evoked by the bohemian aesthetic, the hippie flower headbands are still going strong for spring 2014. At Anna Sui they were wreathing undone waves and perfecting the glowing skin carrying hints of barely there makeup.

Flower blossoms

At Dolce & Gabbana is where pure romance met the richness of the Sicilian look while setting an ultrabeautiful direction for spring 2014. Softly shaped hairstyles and Romanesque coin belts were accentuated with delicate flower blossoms, metaphor for the appliques seen on so many of the dresses.

Iridescent flowers

Subtlety and daintiness were key to Honor’s spring 2014 runway hairstyles. Pretty ponytails and dreamy iridescent flowers carefully sprinkled along the sides, talked about a new idea of sophistication, born out of the tiny metallic flower’s playful essence.

Flower barrettes

A definite nod to the disco era, the big, backcombed curls at Jenny Packham were finished off with pretty flower barrettes, placed right above the temple. Aside from securing the style in place, the lovely flower barrettes served to accent the hair’s romantic texture and bold volume.

Flower pins

With romantic ballerinas, rose gardens and Marie Antoinette serving as inspiration, it’s no wonder the hair at Zac Posen appeared to be borrowed straight out from a fairytale. Delicate flower blossoms contrasted the messy pin curl up-dos, recreating the perfect spring enchantment.

Leather hair accessories

Super-chic, edgy and adding a beautiful contrast to the place where femininity meets the effortlessness of spring, the use of leather in hair accessories on the runway, evoked both the old-world elegance, and the modern-day toughness. This season opt for:

Leather embellished headbands

At Valentino, the regal low ponytails may have channeled a distant past, but they were made ultra-modern by a string of leather-embellished headbands. Evoking a sense of simplicity while retaining Valentino’s quest for timeless elegance, these accessories embody the idea of modern femininity.

Far from the nonchalant, messy interpretations of the low ponytail, this hairstyle is regal, classical, and a little austere. Valentino’s ponytail covered the ears and yet was made modern by a leather embellished headband. It’s a unique one to try for yourself.

Leather ties

Delicate, but obvious enough to get noticed, the leather ties at Diesel Black Gold turned the soft, classic braided hairstyles into casual and accessible looks women can wear on a daily bases. Slightly loosened and slightly wet, the braids were only enhanced by these cool pieces of leather.

Leather bands
Envisioned as to balance Helmut Lang’s baggier clothes, the slick and controlled looks featuring super low and loose ponytails were strategically wrapped with black leather hair accessories. This is how the hairstyles gained a tough, yet effortless aspect the easy way.

Gold accents

It doesn’t have to be obvious or bold to make its point, and the use of gold as the ultimate luxury touch on the spring 2014 serves to prove that little still goes a long way.
Thin gold stripes

Who would have thought that the tiniest amount of gold would be able to create such intriguing results? At Dries Van Norten, a thin gold stripe drawn into the hair part, accompanied by a golden glint on the lashes gave hair adornments an entirely new definition for spring.

Gold clips

Elie Saab perfected the classic night look when he chose to style his breathtaking garments with slicked-back styles crowned with a gold-colored, metallic headband. Disappearing into strips of hair drawn back from the sides, the gold clips looked exquisitely luxurious.

Gold barrettes

You can’t really mention the chic and the effortless, without including Jason Wu’s sleek and elegant ponies for spring 2014. Finished off with gold barrettes, the glossy, low ponytails served as the perfect take on what is a graphic and super clean hairstyle today.

Gold flecks

Vintage looks with a decadent touch. That was the story going at Lela Rose spring 2014, where soft, faux bobs were unexpectedly sprinkled with rich gold leaf flecks.


Aside from the majestic leather embellished headbands seen at Valentino, the spring 2014 runways witnessed the dainty hair accessories take on various other forms. Amongst them:

Jewel headbands

Not your usual headbands, the jewel versions introduced on the spring 2014 runways by Tanya Taylor speak about youth and luxury by making use of colorful gems and precious ornaments.

Blue ribbon headbands

They may not seem like much at first, but when finishing off gorgeous bouffant hairstyles similar to the ones seen at Alexis Mabille, the thick blue headbands bring the retro looks right back under the spotlight.

Minimalist black headbands

At Victoria Beckham, the austerity of the thick black headbands was meant to streamline the face in a clean and modern look brought together by a sleek, low ponytail. Trust the utilitarian accessory to complement a myriad of modern styles and aesthetic come spring.





Written by Nicoleta Parascan,