Your Guide to Lightweight Summer Makeup

Downsize your makeup load! Layers of thick foundations and powders is what you least want to dab on on a sweltering hot Summer afternoon. But, how do you compromise looking “made up?” Here’s your guide to swapping for lightweight Summer makeup.

Are you applying the recommended amount of sunscreen? Do you only use it at the beach? Let’s kick up our sun protection and keep our skin healthy and beautiful!


Recommended amount of sunscreen:

“…a nickel-sized dollop to the face alone. If you’re using a spray, apply until an even sheen appears on the skin,” Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale, Professor of Dermatology, more at 
Whole body: 2 oz of sunscreen, equivalent to a shotglass.

What to Look for when buying sunscreen:

Zinc oxide, in particular effectively blocks all parts of the UV spectrum.” Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale, Professor of Dermatology, more at 
*It is not broad spectrum unless zinc oxide is in the ingredients list!


It’s important to switch your thick Winter moisturizers for a lighter formula in the Summer. Ideally you would want to moisturize then layer sunscreen on top for maximum sun protection.

If you wish to use both moisturizer then sunscreen: try finding a lightweight moisturizer with keywords “daily,” “daywear” or “oil-free.” They won’t be as creamy and thick. Beauty High has a great round-up of lightweight facial moisturizers, here. Then apply a nickel-sized amount of broad spectrum sunscreen allover your face.
Commonly missed spots when applying sunscreen: hairline, ears, tops of eyebrows and upper lip area.

If You Have Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and do not want to layer a moisturizer and a sunscreen, you can opt for an oil-free moisturizer that contains an SPF of 30 or higher (note: moisturizers that contain sunscreen are not as potent as sunscreens alone. Think of the SPF’s potency as being “diluted”). Therefore you only use one product for both hydration and sun protection. Need primer to keep your T-zone shine free? Try the first-ever Makeup Primer Spray in Oil Control by Skindinavia. It’s silicone-free, it’s a lightweight spray and it will be your oily skin’s best friend!


BB and CC creams

Most BB’s and CC’s offer SPF protection, not all are broad spectrum. These tinted moisturizers offer light to medium coverage depending on the brand. The colors available are not as wide a range as foundations, I would suggest swatch testing before purchasing. Some formulas are white when dispensed but change color once blended. Too sheer? You can dab on some concealer on dark spots and imperfections.
You can skip step 1 to moisturize and wear sunscreen all together and just wear a BB or CC with SPF if you’re looking to wear the least amount of product on your face. Or you can perfectly layer these lightweight creams over your moisturizer, sunscreen and primers for coverage.

Foundation Tips:

Still using the same foundation color after getting sun-tanned? Wrong-o. If our skin gets darker, our foundation should also get darker! Although it’s usually a shade or two of a difference, it’s very noticeable. (grab one with SPF, too!). And if you can’t imagine the day you step out without wearing your holy grail foundation, just try using less product as usual.


You want to go for creams!

Trade in your beloved powder blushes for fresh and rich cream blushes, available in compact, pump or cream stick. Don’t worry…cream blushes are easy to use especially when your skin is freshly hydrated, making it easier to blend. Cream blushes will give you a dewy look and will definitely survive through makeup meltdown. How To Apply: Use your fingers or stippling brush. The stippling has jagged bristles made to pick up least amount of product at once, pat it lightly on cheek bones and blend without pushing bristles too hard on skin.

There’s nothing prettier than wearing a crisp white shirt on a Summer day. I, for one, can’t live through a morning without getting lipstick on mine. Matte or glossy, lipstick or lip gloss, they all sit on top of your lip. The formulas are thick, creamy, shiny, and goopy and can easily rub off on anything and everything. Lip stains and tinted lip balms are key! Instead of the product laying on top of your lips, these formulas seep into your lips because they are hydrating. You can tap your lips without the color smudging, perfect!
Look for: lip crayons/chubby sticks for a sheer tinted balm. Stains come like a gloss with a wand applicator, goes on wet dries matte, high pigment color and long lasting.Lips get a sun tan too! Protect your puckers with SPF lip balm.

Now that you’ve transitioned into a light moisturizer, sunscreen, BB cream, cream blushes and lip stains you can now enjoy your Summer brunches without your makeup melting off! Leave me a comment, how did you switch up your beauty routine this Summer?