Get The Look: Emmy Rossum’s Electric Blue Cat Eye

Whenever a high profile celeb arrives at a red carpet event wearing any form of daring makeup, it excites all of us who are involved in the beauty industry. For a perfect example look no further than our girl Emmy Rossum.

She nearly made us do a double take at the screening of “Beautiful Creatures”  wearing a dramatic cobalt blue cat eye that drew attention to her big brown eyes and almost hypnotized onlookers.  Cat eye makeup has been a major trend in Hollywood lately but swapping standard black for the cobalt hue makes it much more dramatic and captivating. Plus, it’s so nice to see Emmy, who usually leans towards more neutral, classic makeup, bring a bold blue cat eye to life.

Cobalt blue has been all over spring runways and is quickly becoming the new “It Color” of the season. Far from the clownish blue eye shadow of the 1980’s, a cobalt blue cat eye is a trendy and fresh approach to rock this hue.

Emmy got the look down just right, keeping the rest of her makeup simple, and allowing her eyes do all of the talking. If you look a little closer, you’ll notice shades of silver shadow on the inner corners of the eye and below the bottom lash line. Applying a lighter shade of shadow like silver to the inner rims brightens up the eye and works well with pretty much every eye color. Her hypnotizing blue cat eye was finished off with pale pink blush and a swipe of gloss.

Although this bold look makes a statement, it’s actually really easy to pull off. Follow these steps by Skindinavia to create your own blue cat eye makeup:

1. Prime the eyes with Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray. Spray it all over your eyelids and face to prepare the face for makeup application, help prevent smudging and make your makeup more vibrant.

2. Apply and blend a neutral shade of eye shadow from the lids up to brow bone.

3. To create a blue cat eye using a blue shadow, spray Skindinavia onto an angled brush, making it damp before you dab it onto your color palette to pick up color.

4. Start applying it on the innermost rim of the eye, lightly at first and then excessively when you get to the outer corner of the eye, flicking the wrist to create a winged effect at the outer lash line.

4. Do the same for the lower lids, keeping in mind this area should be somewhat lighter.

5. Dab some silvery eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye and finish your look off by lightly applying some over the lower lash line as well.

5. Apply two coats of mascara.

6. Complete the look with nude lipstick and light pink blush to make your eyes pop.

7. Spray Skindinvia Makeup Finishing Spray across the whole face to keep your sexy cat eye in place all night and to prevent the rest of your makeup from smudging, creasing or fading.