Get Miss Alabama Katherine Webb’s Girl-Next-Door Look

Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama, and girlfriend to Alabama quarterback, AJ McCarron, had everyone checking her out after Brent Musburger commented on her gorgeous good looks at the BCS National Championship game. She quickly became a web sensation, gaining 120,000 Twitter followers, including LeBrown James, overnight. Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett even asked her on a date at the Wing Stop via Twitter. Not joking.

There’s no doubt that Katherine Webb is a natural beauty. She’s got that youthful, down-to-earth, girl-next-door thing going for her. But all the hype over Katherine has got us thinking about the makeup behind the look that made the whole nation swoon.

Notice how her face looks super slim and the focus is on her high cheekbones? That is the work of contouring. And bravo to Katherine for her application skills – because you know a 23 year old Auburn student doesn’t have a hair and makeup crew behind her at all times. If you don’t know anything about contouring, here’s some simple tips to achieve a Katherine Webb-like contour.

Start by spraying Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray across your face before you apply your makeup. It is a great base and will give you a healthy dewey glow like Katherine Webb. After you’ve applied your foundation and concealer to cover up any problem areas like break outs or under eye circles, dust bronzer diagonally under your cheekbones or parallel to your jaw line. This will really make your cheekbones pop. Apply more bronzer on the sides of your nose from the bridge straight down to make your nose appear longer and thinner like Katherine Webb.

To make your face look thin and elongated, apply bronzer on your chin and jawline. Then, sweep blush over the bronzer you applied to your cheeks. You can do this by making a fish face and sweeping lightly over the line of bronzer. Use a big makeup brush and blend upward and outward toward your hairline so that there are no harsh lines.

Still not getting it? For an even easier way to contour, just use LORAC’s Blush/Bronzer duo. It allows you to simultaneously apply bronzer and blush in one clean sweep for perfectly contoured cheeks. To finish off Katherine Webb’s contoured look, sweep a shimmery highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones. A nice one to try is Laura Mercier’s Mosaic Shimmer block. Sweep it over the apples of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose and lightly around the jawline to give you a nice subtle glow like Katherine Webb.

Finish it with Skindinavia Makeup Finishing spray to achieve a youthful, dewy effect like Katherine Webb and to keep your perfectly contoured makeup from melting off, even during the most trying times like the BCS National Championship game.