Get Flawless Skin Like Katie Holmes On the Cover of Harper

I recently came across this Harper’s Bazaar Russia October issue with Katie Holmes on the cover. I have to say, this she looks stunning in the spread and it is a different look at the gorgeous recently-divorced star who seems to have gotten her groove back. She’s featured wearing a variety of sexy looks, in a shoot from Gilles Bensimon. I remember Katie as that young, innocent All-American classic beauty from Dawson’s Creek. Then she became Tom Cruise’s wife, and that all changed. Now, he looks like a transformed woman on the cover of Harper’s with her lustrous, retro waves, dramatic smokey eye makeup, nude toned lipstick, and flawless skin  (I told you about nude toned lipstick, didn’t I?).

One thing I love about Katie Holmes, 33, is that her face is always flawless. And by this I mean I think she is the poster child for perfect skin, or the perfect concealer application. Her skin looks as though it has life with just the right amount of pigment – it’s not too washed out or colored. In order to get a complexion like Katie’s you need to find the right amount and type of foundation that is best suited for your skin. You also have to know how to apply it. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a liquid foundation and different forms of concealers: Use an under eye concealer before applying foundation. If your dark circles under the eye are blue, go for a yellowish concealer. If they are dark or brown go with a peach shade. Place several dots from the inner corner of the eye to under the middle of the eye. Pat with your finger to blend them. When choosing a Foundation, liquid foundation blends into the skin better than a matte foundation which can come on cakey and look unnatural. Look for words like “sheer” or invisible” as these ones are lighter and blend well.
  2. Put dime size drops of foundation on your forehead, the tip of your nose, and your chin, blending downward. The foundation will get sheer as your move closer to your hair line and jaw, preventing any streaks.
  3. Tap a clean makeup sponge around the nose, over any wrinkles, and anywhere that is streaky or unnatural looking. This will give you the Katie Holmes‘ invisible makeup effect.
Foundation is always just the base to your makeup look. You should apply a powder, bronzer or blush after applying your foundation to make it look even more natural looking. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing sprays will keep your foundation staying on all day long into the night. Because what’s worse than wearing a white shirt and having your “face” stain the shirt? The use of Skindinavia Makeup Finishing sprays will also make your Foundation look more natural like Katie Holmes because it will give it a matte appearance. The Original Makeup Finishing Spray sets and holds makeup in place. It keeps color vibrant and prevents makeup from fading for up to 16 hours. The original is recommended for normal to combination skin types. If you have oily skin try the No More Shine Makeup Finishing Spray, which will not only hold makeup but control your oil buildup throughout the day.

  • Fewer touchups throughout the day.
  • Stops makeup meltdown.
  • Holds eye shadow, foundation, blush and concealer perfectly.
  • Award Winning.