Get A Healthy Glow Like Jennifer Aniston with a Daily Skincare Regimen

Winter is here in full effect and we still have a few more months of brutal cold until Spring arrives. If you don’t pay attention or take care of your body this time of year, you will see the effects on your skin, such as dry hands, chapped lips, and brittle hair. Making sure you take the right steps to combat the weather is essential for healthy skin. Jennifer Aniston, 42 years old, maintains her ageless, sun-goddess looks by keeping up with her skin care regimen. While you can afford to be a little lax with treatment products in summer when humidity is higher, but you need to ensure your skin is taken care of in winter with regular exfoliation and moisturizing masks. By following just a few precautions, we can keep our skin healthy and glowing, like Jennifer Aniston.

  1.  Moisturize More. The trick to winter beauty is in keeping your skin well-hydrated. The combination of a moisture-loaded skincare regimen and the most up-to-date make-up looks will help you smoulder as the temperature drops. Make sure you have some extra heavy duty moisturizing cream handy.
  2. Love your lips. Using a lip protector such as lip balm, chap stick or lipstick with a moisturizer to keep the lips soft will help prevent them from drying out. Make sure the product you pick has a good moisturizing properties, protects the lips against the elements, and contains vitamin E.
  3.  Exfoliate. Exfoliation is good for you because it helps to remove dead skin cells by allowing the skin to absorb more moisture. A good rule of thumb is to increase exfoliation to twice a week in the winter. Sephora brand’s Smart Dual Action Exfoliator effectively cleans and wipes away dead skin cells.  For anti aging try Olay’s Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System to regenerate your skin’s appearance at home.
  4. Use weekly clay masks. Detoxify and deep cleanse your skin with a weekly mask that uses draws out impurities and controls excess oil
  5. Switch to a foundation that moisturizes and combats aging. A slightly more moisturizing foundation gets your skin set for the season. Try using Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing foundation, an anti aging treatment and foundation in one – perfect for the drier conditions that come with winter.