From the Runway to the Red Carpet: Glossy Lids Are In

If you thought gloss was just for your lips, think again. Glossy lids have been a runway makeup staple for quite some time, but now we are seeing sexy glossy lids on celebrities like Zoe Saldana, who has rocked the look on the red carpet plenty of times this summer!


The glossy eye look is one of our favorites because it can either be natural looking or very bold. If you are looking for a more natural glossy look, stick to tan, beige and nude colors for eye shadow. If you want a bold glossing effect, to be worn at night, go for colorful eye shadow like blues, purples or greens.

Here’s how you can replicate get the glossy eyelid look:

Get a glossy eyeliner stick. Some great options are:

Sephora – Stila Eye Shadow (glossy shades and highlighters)

MAC Paint Pot (Found at Saks, Neimans, Nordstroms, Dillards, Bergdorfs)

CVS – Physicians Formula – Wet/Dry Eye Shadow (Baked Sands Color)

  1. Apply your foundation on the face and under the eye. Apply concealer on the eyelid as a base to keep your shadow lasting longer.
  2. Use a glossy eye shadow stick and apply a coat of shadow to the entire lid. Then blend your eye shadow with the glossy eye shadow stick using a blending brush. Start with the medium color first and blend.
  3. Then apply your highlighter (the lightest) shade over your entire lid.
  4. Contour the lid with a small pointed eye shadow brush using a dark shade of eye shadow.Press the powder into the inner corner or your eye and a little on your lid right above your lash base.
  5. Wet the shadow brush and lightly dab it off with vaseline. In a one way motion with extreme softness, sweep the brush over your eye lid to make a glossy appearance. Make sure to be very  gentle touch so you don’t wipe away your hard work.
  6. Finish by applying eyeliner and mascara.

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Glossy lids are not known for being easy to do, but with the steps above, you can breeze through this hot summer trend keep it looking fresh. To keep your glossy look in place, spray Skindinavia Finishing spray on the face. Close the eyes and make sure to get the spray on your lids, but be careful to avoid getting it in the eye.

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