Five Ways to Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

Although the official start to fall isn’t until later this week, some people consider the start of fall to be after Labor Day. For others, their fall starts when school begins or when football kicks off! While the temperatures where you live may not have started to drop yet, it may be time to consider transitioning out of your summer styles to fresh fall makeup looks. We put together a list of five easy ways you can ease out of summer staple looks and fall into fall makeup.

From Summer Shimmer to Fresh Fall Makeup

A sun-kissed makeup look with bronzer, highlighter, and extra shimmer is the perfect complementary look to go with your tan. Although it’s still a great look to rock at the beach or an outdoor wedding this September, might we suggest going for a more fresh faced look to switch up the new season. To achieve the look of dewy skin, start first with a primer spray (such as Skindinavia’s primer spray), then layer on some light foundation. Then, use a brow gel to fluff up your brows to give them a soapy, natural look.

From Bold Blush to Burnt Blush Fall Makeup

Whereas this summer, you most likely saw a lot of bold blush colors, including some orange, bright pink, and even yellow, this fall you’ll see a transition to peachy tones. Think changing colors of the leaves rather than juicy fruit hues. To achieve a “burnt blush” look, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks where you normally would. Then, extend the color across your nose and under your eyes with a swipe. Who said you lost that summer tan?

From Graphic Eyes to Softer Lines

This year, we’ve seen many looks involving bold eyeliner – from graphic eyes to winged tips. Give this look a fresh spin this fall by using a creamy pencil to line your eyes and not being afraid to smudge it a bit. Think less sharp perfect edges and instead think softer sultry vibes.

From a Peachy Pout to Velvet Lips

This summer we saw a lot of shiny lip balms, glosses, and plumpers on the lips. In contrast, for fall makeup we are seeing a transition back to the bold classics. Think colors like oxblood, mahogany, and crimson. Imagine Gossip Girl circa 2006, complete with Blair’s Constance uniform. Envision the color of leaves right before they drop.

Whatever color you set your sights on for fall, we are seeing a lot of matte lipsticks. Thankfully, more brands are coming out with matte lipsticks with hydrating formulas, so you don’t have to worry about that chapped cracked look.

From Gems and Appliques to Glitter Lids

Whereas this spring and summer we saw a lot of gemstones applied to around the eyes (think Electric Daisy Carnival vibes or Euphoria), we will still see shimmer in fall makeup – but without the appliques. We are seeing metallic eyeshadow in frosty finishes such as white, light blue, and pink – but with added shimmer. Pair with dewy skin (see look one above!) for a look that’ll look like you’ve just come down from heaven.