Five Tips For Winter Curly Hair

Winter is officially here folks! And this means paying extra attention to our curly mane. The dry air and cold wind affects the health and look of your hair. The brisk weather is not only terrible for our skin but it’s also a big hassle on hair. Just as we fight frizz during humid summer months, you want to prevent any damage to your hair during cooler dry months. Here are 5 tips to have healthy, happy and winter proof curls!

  1. Add moisture: Once the weather cools off curls hair begins to get dry. Counteract this by increasing hydration and give your hair treatments more frequently.
  2. Scalp therapy: The frigid temperatures trigger scalp problems for many. Start a regimen of regular scalp treatments to prevent fungus and dehydration. Jane Carter scalp renewal is a great solution for only $10.
  3. Get a trim: Trim off dead hair – when ends are split and frayed nutrients don’t have any place to go.
  4. Use natural oils: Make sure to always seal hair with an easily absorbed oil before heading out in the cold. Natural oils like rosemary and lavender keep the scalp in good condition as well as the hair.
  5. Use extra gel and scrunch: Scrunch with a liquid based gel and scrunch to ensure equal distribution of the product.  Try Catwalk’s Curls Rock Curl Amp by Tigi it. Scrunching product into curls allows for better distribution and removes excess product. It also defines curls and adds volume.