First Lady Presidential Style Face Off: Michelle Obama vs Ann Romney

President Obama won re election over the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, Tuesday night but both men were dressed to impress. Mitt Romney opted for a blue and red striped tie, while his wife wore a polished bold red dress symbolic of the Republican party. Obama sported a blue tie, showing his support of the Democratic party and Michelle wore a recycled Michael Kors floral printed dress. She told reporters that her outfit was decided last minute because she had been so busy with the campaign. Now, we all can agree that both Michelle and Ann are very accomplished strong women, with great style, but who do you think rocked the campaign?

First Lady Face Off:

First up, Ann Romney! Despite the fact that the fashion industry never really embraced Ann the way the have Michelle, she’s got my vote. Ann looked classy, conservative and chic – For me she really looked like a First Lady of the U.S.   With a bold red Oscar De La Renta frock that was a natural fit on her, hair in a pretty up do and very neutral makeup, Ann really stood out on election night. It’s no wonder Mitt credits her in so many of his speeches.  She’s aged gracefully and has the style to match. When I’m an older woman, I hope to look as good as Ann does.

For makeup Ann Romney went with a neutral, contoured eye with liner on the top eye, a bit of rosy toned lipstick, and a neutral manicure. Michelle Obama kept her hair loose and bouncy. Her makeup was natural, but glossy lips, and more of an emphasis on defining her eyes.

Try These Anti Aging Techniques To Age Gracefully Like Ann Romney

Ann Romney looks amazing at the age of 63. Here are natural age-defying celebrity tips for you to start now.

  • Avoid Caffeine. Replace caffeinated drinks with decaf. Caffeine helps de-hydrate the body. The goal for youthful looking skin and one key to fighting signs of aging is to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Drink acai, cranberry, and pomegranate juices. Kill free radicals that may damage skin cells by drinking juices with known anti-oxidants. Damaged skin cells translate into wrinkles and age spots. Acai, cranberry, and pomegranate juices all contain anti-oxidants, natures own anti-aging product.
  • Use a homemade natural purifying mask. Keeping your skin clean, smooth, and toned will reduce the signs of aging considerably.
  • Make a natural anti-aging purifying mask that will cleanse and tone your skin. Clean your face with your regular cleaner. Combine two egg whites, 2 oz. of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of pomegranate juice. Smooth the mask onto your face. If the mixture is too thin, add another egg white. The egg white will dry into a stiff mask. Allow to dry thoroughly, then rinse with warm water.
  • Use natural anti-aging products. At some point you’ll want to treat your skin with extra moisturizers. Sun, wind, and bathing all remove essential body oils that moisturize your skin. Natural anti-aging products will generally contain vitamins D and E.
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