Fall Tik Tok Makeup Trends

We’re back again for more Tik Tok trends! As has been the case for the last few years, the social media platform Tik Tok has plenty of videos showcasing trends. Makeup is no exception, and this fall 2022 we are seeing a variety of makeup trends showcased on the platform. Keep reading and watching to learn more!

Tik Tok Trend #1 – 90s Makeup


An undone, smoky, messy eye is on trend for fall, as Emily Harper explains in her tutorial video. Think smudgy browns and blacks and glossy lips!

As Emily explains, it’s important that in order to achieve this look, you need to start with a good primer. Thankfully, Skindinavia has you covered with the perfect makeup primer spray.

Cool Tone

Another popular 90s trend was makeup in cool undertones. Reitx gives a quick TikTok tutorial that’s perfect for fall below.

Tik Tok Trend #2 – Dark Eyeliner in the Waterline

Dacey Cash starts her Tik Tok with a few examples of dark eyeliner being applied in the waterline, then goes into a tutorial of how to achieve this look yourself. She explains that before applying eyeliner in the waterline, she applies dark brown pencil to her upper and lower lash lines. She then takes black eyeliner on a pencil brush and further smudges that into the top lash line. When applying eyeliner in the waterline, she explains you should apply all the way to the corner in a tight line. Both the top and the bottom water lines are fair game!

You know this trend is popular when you see a TikTok video with this sound. Check out another dark eyeliner in the waterline look from Kate Elisabethh below. 

Tik Tok Trend #3 – Autumn Blush

While blush is a staple that can be worn throughout the year, some really pretty fall colors will be popular this season. Kaitlynn Bell showcases three different blush colors to try – including a terracotta color and a pretty shade with purple tones. No blending brush needed – she just uses her fingers to blend in!

Looking for links? Jan Jan shares a few options for fall blush that are all under $16 – amazing! These colors focus on apricot and berry blush.

A final video showcases other blush options that are perfect for fall. Kylei Ann also refers to a pretty terracotta this color for fall as well!


This might beat tower 28’s power hour blush, and you guys KNOW I would die for that blush #makeupforredheads #makeupforgingers #makeuptips #fallmakeup #fallmakeuplooks #fallblush

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So what are you waiting for? Give one of these fall trends a try!