neon winged eyes

Fall 2022 Makeup Trends

It’s hard to believe that summer is over! Whereas the hot temperatures may seem to never go away, summer trends are slowly fading and it’s time to look ahead to the fall. So far this year, we’ve explored spring and summer 2022 trends, and now it’s time to look for fall 2022 makeup trends. Enjoy!

Makeup Trend #1 – Blue Eyes

Bright blue and bold eyeshadow is in for the fall, and it’s surprisingly super pretty! With nods to the ’60s, ’80s, and early 2000s, we haven’t seen this trend in a while, but it was back in full force during New York Fashion Week this year. This trend is easy to recreate too – our favorite way to do it is by applying blue liquid eyeshadow on the lid, then using an eyeshadow brush to blend it out. Since the blue look is pretty bold, we recommend pairing with a thick winged liner, fluffy eyebrows, and a nude lip.

Makeup Trend #2 – Graphic Eyeliner

Looks like this trend is here to stay the rest of the year, friends. It’s an interesting look, but I’m sure you’ve already seen people rocking it this summer. The key to creating this look is to opt for no eyeshadow, but instead using an eye pencil to create a graphic, geometric-looking winged eye. This trend is fun to play with and make your own, so we recommend searching for some inspo and then going for it. This article from Byrdie is a good place to start, as it gives you 25 graphic eyeliner looks all in one place!

And we love this look by Samuel Paul (even if it was posted in 2019 – ahead of its time!)

Makeup Trend #3 – Main Feature

This fall, you’ll be sure to see a bold statement on one feature – either the lips or the eyes, with minimal makeup applied to the rest of the face. To take it up a notch, you may also see appliques applied to the feature (lips or eyes) you are trying to highlight. The bejewled, Euphoria-esque trend is not going anywhere this fall!

If trying out this trend, start with a simple base of light, liquid foundation and pair with your bold eyes or lip. The rest of the look should be natural!

Check out this look from Natural Budgeting Beauty, which happens to be subtle yet bold at the same time.

Makeup Trend #4 – Neon Liner

No need to store the bright neon liners you took with you to EDC this summer – the neon eyeliner look will continue through this fall. Either pair it with a graphic eye look like trend #2 above, or for opt for a  stand-alone look. Byrdie recommends using a primer for this look, as you don’t want the neon color to fade throughout the day. Check out this primer spray from Skindinavia here. Byrdie also gives you 10 different ways to rock this trend in their article here.

Check out the look below that does a mix of three of the trends mentioned so far – blue eyes, graphic, and neon liner!

Makeup Trend #5 – Red Lip

We are a big proponent of the classic red lip never going out of style. Red lips were very prevalent at Fashion Week! And a big pout of red too. Most models rocked both a lip liner and lipstick. Check out the video tutorial below to learn how to recreate this look on your own.