Eye Makeup – Conceal Those Dark Circles

There is nothing more infuriating than picking your perfect outfit, matching your shoes and applying your makeup to coordinate a flawless look than to see those DARK CIRCLES in the mirror staring back at you. Why are they even there? I mean we all know why they’re there but how do we get rid of them?

The Long Term Tips

  • At least 6-8 hours of sleep
Drinking as much water as you can
  • Eating a well balanced meal
Use a cold spoon in the morning under your eyes for at least 10 minutes, this will reduce puffiness and relax the skin
  • Place warm teabags in the eye area before you go to sleep
  • Use sunscreen anytime you go outside, this is major for skin purposes as well
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS wash your makeup before you go to bed at night
  • Now if you cannot wait for the long-term tips to ease those dark circle pains before you head off to work, class or a date than let these guidelines be your morning rescue.

First off: Prime It & Use A Base

lemon aide makeupBefore anything you want to prep your skin with the SKINDINAVIA Makeup Primer Spray as it will energize your skin and leave an oil free canvas for long lasting makeup. The silicone free base will create a breathable barrier between your skin and makeup.   If you’re having trouble getting the maximum coverage you want, do not worry. The majority of the time the skin under your eyes needs a yellow-based tint to hide all the blue and purple hues of the dark circles. The yellow-based aid will brighten up the area allowing the concealer to latch on perfectly. Lemon Aid instantly hides redness and discoloration around your eyes.

Next: Meet Your Concealer

nars radiant creamy concealerYou want to select a concealer that is lighter than your skin color for better results, when it comes time to blend the area with your foundation there is a smoother outcome. When applying your concealer without a brush, you can use your ring finger as you can use the least amount of pressure and more ability to blend (NOT AROUND THE EYE ENTIRELY). Concealers with a creamy base help you more in this area. According to world-renowned makeup artist James Vincent, “Be aware of using a thin sheer foundation with a think dry concealer because those textures do not blend together.” Makeup is never just simple. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer does what you need it to do from hiding those dark circles to hydrating the eye area giving you a smoother complexion. Paraben & Sulfate free NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is crease proof and also delivers antioxidants to protect your skin from outside elements. When you’re ready for your foundation it should match your skin tone to enhance your features, as hard as it may be to choose your own foundation take your time to choose the correct one.

Lastly: Blend it all in

The Beauty BlenderRemember the ring finger tip I mentioned when applying concealer for least amount of pressure? Here’s an alternative that’s 10x better: The Beauty Blender. It will blend together your concealer and foundation across your eye area or wherever you choose allowing a deeper match to your skin tone. The pointy edge of the sponge allows you to apply your makeup flawlessly in the inner corner of your eyes where brushes may not be able to reach. This Allure Best of the Beauty Award Winner can last up to three to four months when cared for properly. Going up to twice its size when wet it is a must have in your makeup collection, let the Beauty Blender be your new best friend.

borghese fluido protettivo advanced spa lift for eyesJust as I wrote before in the long-term tips there are beauty products out there that will lighten the eye area up naturally to the point that wearing no makeup will be a joy. The Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes will rejuvenate and lighten the eye area with Vitamin C and E. You must use in the morning and at night for the best results. In days you will see the difference. If able to, also try using a cream that lists one of the ingredients as licorices extract as this is a natural factor to lighten up the under eye area.

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive areas on your face and they need special attention. Be careful as you choose the products for your eyes as everyone is different but once you find the perfect concealer and cream it’ll be as if you found the best kept secret of your life. Don’t forget before anything use SKINDINAVIA’s New Makeup Primer Spray, there’s no use in letting all that hard work fade away.