Diane Kruger’s Mesmerizing Long Lashes

The 36 year old actress drew lots of attention to her green eyes with long, natural looking lashes that nearly mesmerized us. Diane Kruger’s pretty lashes are a far cry away from the fake lashes we always see on Kim Kardashian. It’s a refreshing lash look that any girl can pull of. And, it’s easy and light for summer.

Luxurious lashes like Diane Kruger’s should be the finishing touch to all your more natural makeup looks from now on.

Here’s how to copy her look the au natural way:

Start by curling your lashes. Press and hold down a couple times to make sure they are really curled upward. A new mascara I’ve recently discovered that actually covers your entire lash line perfectly is Buxom Buxom Lash. It creates fatter, fuller lashes and ensures every one is coated evenly, which is the key to Diane Kruger’s sexy lashes.

Skindinavia tip for applying mascara: Place a plastic spoon under your lashes when you apply your mascara. This will give you full reign to apply on the difficult-to-reach inner and outer lashes without getting any on your skin.


Get Diane’s Healthy Skin With Skindinavia

Diane Kruger is 36, and that’s not too old, but she looked noticeably youthful and fresh looking at “The Host” premiere. One trick celebrities like Diane Kruger do to get the appearance youthful looking skin is finishing their makeup with Skindinavia Makeup Finishes. It helps your makeup set nicely so that it doesn’t appear caked on and adds a dewy texture to the surface. The result is natural looking, glowing skin like Diane Kruger.