Define your cheekbones like Kim Kardashian By Contouring

If you’re looking to give your cheeks more definition, contouring is a great technique to use before you apply makeup. Last week, Kim Kardashian showed us the power of contouring, tweeting a photo of her face with drastic before and after shots. Kim was preparing for a photo shoot with sisters Khloe and Kourtney to promote their UK Kardashian collection. Her makeup artist, Scott Barnes, completely changed the appearance of her facial structure with the use of contouring by using foundation to shape her nose, thinning her chin and defining cheek bones. It’s a technique used to highlight your best features while bringing the focus away from any flaws. Oh the wonders of makeup! Pretty awesome right? We’ll show you how to contour your face yourself at home.


  1. Contouring: Grab a contour brush or angled blush brush. Pick up your contour color with the brush and apply it to the hollow of your cheeks. I found what works best is by sucking in your cheeks. Sweep the brush upwards along the hollow, towards your temples. Finish off the cheek contouring by adding a little product to the angled blush brush and blending out the line. You can also try an alternative method – To keep the look soft and natural, use a small dense powder brush and apply the bronzer in small circular movements, especially as you get closer to the hairline. Next, move onto the forehead, jawline and nose. Simply sweep the contour color along the hairline across your forehead, on the jawline and on the sides of your nose. Make sure to blend it out after the initial application. For more precise nose contouring, Vogue India suggests using a fluffy eyeshadow brush instead of a big angled blush brush.
  1. Highlighter: Whatever highlighter you’re using, you want to apply it to the high points of your contour. Start with the high point of your cheekbones, near your under eye area. Add some also on your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, and on the center of your forehead. For liquid and cream highlighter you can use a foundation brush, or blend it out lightly with your fingers.
  2. Blush: To apply powder blush, grab a blush/powder brush and dip it into the blush color. Smile and then gently dust the blush on the apples of your cheeks. To apply liquid blush, start with a small amount and blend it directly onto your cheeks with your fingers. Use a liquid foundation brush to blend a cream blush onto your cheeks.

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