5 Most Common Thanksgiving Makeup Meltdowns

Avoid Thanksgiving Meltdowns with SkindinaviaThanksgiving is right around the corner! If you are anything like us you’ve already started planning your perfect outfit, some killer recipes, festive decorations and now it’s time to think about your Thanksgiving day makeup.

Whether you are meeting your new boo’s parents for the first time, need to make your ex jealous or are hosting your very own thanksgiving dinner you will want to look your best this holiday. Below are the 5 most common Thanksgiving makeup meltdowns that we can help you avoid this year!

  1. A Turkey ComaThanksgiving with Skindinavia

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where it is socially acceptable to eat yourself into oblivion. Self control is not in our vocabulary when it comes to things like fresh turkey or cheesy mash potatoes and sometimes that means we find ourselves face down drooling (stretchy pants on) on the couch moments after licking our plates clean.

When we do finally roll out of our food coma our stomachs may be happy but our faces… not so much. Smudged red lipstick and mascara everywhere and we are lookin’ like a hot MESS. Fortunately, you can avoid waking up from your little snooze looking like Godzilla this year because we have a solution that is almost too good to be true. This Thanksgiving use our makeup setting spray after you’ve applied your holiday look and you can fall asleep face down as much as you want and still wake up looking as flawless as you did before. #Wokeuplikedis

  2. If Your Makeup Can’t Handle the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

Thanksgiving with SkindinaviaWith every oven, burner, and microwave on in a crowded kitchen filled with waaay too many relatives, things are bound to overheat.

It happens every year, people frantically running around trying to perfect 36 different side dishes and by the time we sit down for the big feast our makeup is nonexistent and our face is so oily it looks like we washed it with an order of greasy chicken nuggets. Not today satan. This year avoid a makeup meltdown by starting and ending your makeup routine with Skindinavia’s Oil Control Kit. This kit will keep your makeup in place and your face shine free!

  3. Unsolicited Life Advice & Interrogations

Thanksgiving with Skindinavia

Thanksgiving is a time notorious for a game of 21 questions from all those very noisy relatives which usually ends with you feeling like a POS failure followed by a trip to the bathroom to cry your eyes out. We are looking at you aunt Sheryl. The conversation usually goes a little something like this:

“Soo are you STILL single?”


“Don’t you want to settle down?”


“Will you ever get married or have kids?”

Maybe..Eventually..IDK honestly okay.

“When are you going to find a real job?”

I’m freakin’ working on it, thanks.


It’s questions like these that can cause a waterworks show and some pretty catastrophic makeup meltdowns. Fortunately Skindinavia’s primer and setting spray can save you from looking as bad as you feel during the interrogations this year. A couple spritzes of our spray will keep your makeup locked in to place no matter how hard Aunt Sheryl makes you cry.

4. X’s & O’s Gone Wrong

Thanksgiving with Skindinavia

Thanksgiving brings countless hugs and kisses (both wanted and unwanted). There is nothing worse than giving someone a hug and seeing a splotch of your face makeup left on their sleeve. It is both embarrassing and annoying because it ruins the calculated look that you spent hours perfecting.

Keep your makeup locked in place this Thanksgiving with our setting spray. It will literally keep your makeup looking fresh and smudge free for up to 16 hours. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

5.Vino Stained Lips

Thanksgiving with Skindinavia

1…2…3.. Maybe 4 glasses of wine. Whatever, it’s a holiday, who’s counting? Wine is an absolute necessity on Thanksgiving. Besides being absolutely delicious, sometimes it is thee only thing getting you through dinner. One problem… the more you drink the more it shows on your lips. Sorry sisters, but wine stained lips ain’t cute and can ruin a perfectly good makeup day.

This Thanksgiving try opting for either a white wine or rose! If you must have the red, be sure to pick a dark lip that will mask the wine and use our setting spray to keep it in place all day and night!


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