Coco Rocha’s Pink Tresses: A Do or Don’t?

Coca Rocha was very matchy-matchy mood at the 2012 MET Institute Gala! The Canadian model rocked hot pink extensions to her curly side parted hairstyle.  Coco Rocha is no stranger to changing up her hairstyle – she has sported red, brown and black locks and rocked all of them. Now, her move to pink tresses paired with red hair is no shock to us since Coco can pretty much rock any hairstyle. To match her pink hair, she also donned pink gloss, a pink manicure, pink heels and a pink top! She complemented the pink with a gold eye shadow. Coco Rocha joins the likes of Katy Perry, January Jones, Lauren Conrad, Dakota Fanning and Avril Lavigne, all of whom have experimented with colorfully tinted strands and extensions. We’re used to seeing bright pops of color in blonde hair, but Coco is the first red-haired lass we’ve seen the trend on and we’re still undecided on how we feel about it. What do you think of her pink tresses?

A few years ago colored hair like greens, pinks and blues instantly earned you the label of hippy or freak. Now, these colors are making their way into celeb manes and it’s certainly changing the stereotype of colored hair people.  Pastel pink hair made its way into the pages of “Vogue” and on the runway and celebs are wearing colorful tresses on the red carpet. “Unusual” hair color has officially become a trendy summer staple and top salons are jumping on the new dyed hair trends.

Colorful hair is just another way to express yourself and get creative. What’s not to love? Plus, there are a variety of ways to wear this hair color trend, so it’s easy for the everyday lady to try.

Whether you’re looking for a daring, lasting look like a colored ombre effect, or a quick and non-harmful method like chalking, we’ve got the best options for your natural hair color.

What color YOU should choose……

Pink: Works best on blondes, however a brunette with a warm skin tone could wear a deep rich pink or a pink with a little more red in it. Pinks would also be fun on redheads.

Blue: For girls with dark hair and an olive complexion, navy is the way to go. Blondes should try a turquoise or pale blue.

Purple: All skin tones suit purple, but it looks especially hot on a dark brunette.

Green: Green is a hard tone to pull off and works best on blonde hair.