Talking Makeup With Celebrity Makeup Artists Erin Griffin, Sonia Kashuk and More

Talking Makeup With Erin Griffin and Sandy Linter

Makeup is meant to improve our features and when used correctly it can work wonders to completely enhance our look. But when used incorrectly, it can be aging, causing us to look much older than we actually are. So what can you do to make sure you’re making the most of our your makeup? Follow these tips from the artists who know best to keep the years off.

1. Make sure you’re using the correct foundation for your skin type. “Aging skin doesn’t need a heavy formula that sits in fine lines, so if you have dry skin, use a moisturizing foundation or mix in a dab of oil (I love the tarte pure maracuja oil) with your base for an extra dose of hydration. It will help your foundation go on more smoothly and prevent it from settling into wrinkles,” explains tarte makeup artist Erin Griffin. “Have your foundation do the heavy lifting. Apply foundation first, before concealer and apply with a brush,” adds celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter.

Sonia Kashuk

2. Sonia Kashuk, makeup artists and founder of and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, recommends choosing neutral shades in a matte or light shimmer finish when working on the eye and steering clear from anything too dark, which can shut the eyes down and appear too heavy. “Apply a lighter shade and a wash of color over the eye to create some contour. You can apply a light definition with browns or grays on the lash line,” she says. “Always use an eyelash curler because it opens up the eyes! Our lashes tend to go straighter as we get older, so this helps to open up and lift the eye for a big impact with little effort.”

3. According to Linter, the secret to applying concealer correctly is using a brush. “A good concealer is a life changer! It can help cover hyperpigmentation and diminish any evidence of a scar. Choose a hydrating formula that matches your skin tone so it blends in seamlessly with or without foundation,” says Griffin.

4. “As we get older our faces tend to hollow out, so you want to avoid adding any further contour. The best thing to do is to use a light application of blush on the center apple of the cheek to really make them pop. Crème blushes tend to have more radiance and that little bit of added sheen will also brighten and lift the face. You can also use a bit of bronzer to add rich tone that will warm up the face and make you look well rested,” says Kashuk. If you do want to add a gentle lift, Linter suggests applying blush higher up on the cheekbone instead of only the apples of the cheeks. “Run the blush along the entire cheek bone,” she says.

5. Keep your lips hydrated. “Nothing draws more attention to your mouth than dry, cracked lips. Plus, any lip color you put over parched lips will exaggerate flakes and make lips look worse,” says Griffin. And as far as color, stay away from dark colors that tend to make the lips look smaller. “Our lips get smaller as we get older, so it helps to use a nude lip pencil, as close to the color of your own lips as possible, to slightly extend the lip line, which will make your lips look fuller. You can also use a gloss or lip color with shine or shimmer in the center of the lips to add fullness,” says Sonya.