Cara’s Beautiful Big Eye Makeup Tutorial

Cara’s eye makeup tutorial creates that big eye effect without a ton of makeup.

A little bit of bronzer around the eye

Cara starts with a bronzer to give her eye a little bit of depth and blends her makeup in from inside her eye by her nose then works through to the sides. Then with a flat edge makeup brush she uses gell liner and presses – not brushes, the gell into the base of her eye lashes. Again with the same makeup brush Cara uses the same tip on her lower lash line and fans the gell across but not underneath.

Add a little eye shadow

Cara uses a Mac Brun Eye shadow to further blend the line out so it’s not harsh. Using the same brush and eye shadow Cara gives here eyes more depth by blending in eye shadow around the tops of her lids.

And a highlighter for a full effect

Bring out your eyes and add some contour with a soft color but not white eye liner. For this makeup tutorial Cara uses a Milani Brown Eye Highlighter to achieve a great effect. A great tip is to use the highlighter around the inside of the eye lid as a contrast to the gell eye liner.

Add a little mascara, lashes and touch up that brow

Next, Cara brings out her eye lashes with mascara and then adds a little more lash that frames her gorgeous eyes beautifully. Then with the same Brun eye shadow Cara bring out her beautiful brow and opens up here eyes straight-out.

Bring out those cheeks

Now’s the time to give yourself a cheeky highlight. In this makeup tutorial Cara’s using a Revlon peach blush along the cheekbone to make those cheekbones jump. Here’s a great makeup tip: By adding a soft highlight under the eye it adds even more contrast to the eyes and cheekbones. Focus on highlighting right underneath the eyeliner.

Add a lip liner

What’s beautiful eyes without big gorgeous lips? A lip liner around the bottom and the top of your lips will add the same contrast. Just a quick line across the bottom and the top of your lips will add the contour your looking for.

A little lip glow finishes off the makeup tutorial. And for longer lasting all-day makeup without touch-ups use Skindinavia Makeup Finishing spray.