Brown Eyed Girl Makeup Tips and Tricks

It’s not every day that you “ooh” and “ahh” over brown eyes. It’s usually the blues and green eyes that make people swoon. But, you can be someone’s special “brown eyed girl” with these brown eye makeup tips to enhance your eyes.

Eggplant mascara

Purple shades work best to enhance brown eyes with hazel specks. The eyes already have different hues so you don’t need a dramatic color to create a striking contrast.

Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara is a great one to try because it not only flatters brown eyes, it makes the whites of the eyes look really bright. It is a double-ended volumizing mascara that comes with two colors: black for the top lashes and brown, sapphire, or plum for bottom lashes. Both shades go on smooth and make lashes fuller – the contrast makes eyes look wide and awake. The color on the bottom lashes is subtle but it actually makes the eyes look brighter and whiter.

Greenish Gold Eye Shadow

For a pretty eye makeup look that’s neither dull nor drab, go green. Green eye shadow is a great look on brown eyes because it works to pick up any flecks in brown. Try MAC Eye Shadow in sumptuous Olive. It will make your brown eyes pop.

MAC’s Mega Metal Shadow in Dalliance is another ultra-shimmery and lasts forever. Estée Lauder has a color called Safari Green with a hint of metallic sheen. L’Oréal Studio Secrets perfectly pairs green and gold with bronze. The result is the perfect combination of golden green shimmer that will give you an enhanced cat eye look.

Copper Eyeshadow

Warm up a neutral eye shadow shade, like bone or taupe, with a layer of copper eye shadow on the outter halves of your lids. It will highlight your eye color and the shimmer will add a little texture. Try out Josie Maran Eye Shadow in Cinnamon.

Natalie Portman rocked the copper eye shadow on the red carpet with a touch of copper on the bottom eye lashes. It widens the eye and adds that subtle pop of color that appears tantalizing.


Would you try this look? I have and I love it for the Winter months when you’re wearing neutral dark colors like black and grey.

Navy Eyeshadow and Liner

Brown is a mix of all of the primary colors so there are a lot of options. Rock a vibrant cobalt blue eyeshadow like Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadow in Fire Sapphire, for rich brown eyes. It’s an electric shade that really makes brown eyes pop with the sharp contrast.

Deep blue is the best for day time, office appropriate cat eyes  – it also animates brown eyes without looking sever by creating a slight eye catching contrast. We like Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Shadow in Indigo and Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Blue Jean.  It’s a metallic blue powder eye shadow. The velvety smooth eyeshadow is the perfect shade of internation klein blue. There’s nothing tacky about this rich, intense shade. Dab it gently on your lids for a shimmery wash of color, or add water and used a slanted eyeliner bruch to paint it boldly along the lash line.

Gold eye shadow

Warm metallic, gold eyeshadow simply put, make brown eyes glisten. They highlight even the slightest hint of gold undertones. Try out L’Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadow in Eternal Sunshine.

For a festive look try a touch of silver or gold on the eyelids with Tarte Lock & Roll in Gunmetal and Jemma Kidd Dual Illuminator in Champagne.

Finish Off Your Brown Eye Enhancing Makeup With Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

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