Britney Spears’ Perfectly Pretty Makeup

Britney Spears arrived at The Smurfs 2 premiere dressed in a tight, blue Herve Leger bandage dress, joined by her adorable sons on her side. The hot Momma rocked a new lighter hairdo with soft layers framing her face. But it was her makeup that’s got us talking. Britney looks more natural than we’ve ever seen her and we’re loving it. It’s refreshing to see Brit lighten up on the self-tanner and let her porcelain skin shine through.


Britney has been known to sometimes overdo it on the bronzing creams. This time though, her face looked naturally sun-kissed with a peach blush to add the perfect amount of subtle flush to her skin tone.

Brit also followed the key rule pulling off a natural makeup look. The rule goes: eyes or lips, but never both. And at The Smurfs 2 premiere, she rimmed her upper and lower lash lines with black eyeliner and piles on the mascara. The look is always is striking enough to bring out her eyes, but so simple at the same time. Her coral lipstick pulled the whole thing together and made her look like she’s in her 20’s again.

Britney, now age 31, and mother of 2 looks like she’s in her 20’s. Want to know how she does it?

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