Style Steal: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper isn’t just the guy with a killer hangover. He’s also the guy with a killer sense of style. So far Bradley Cooper’s screen time has been mostly limited to playing the lovable best friend or the hopeless douchebag, but his style off-screen has proven to be considerably more diverse. One minute he’s rocking an all-American look on the street, the next he’s gracing the covers of GQ and Esquire in a perfectly tailored three-piece suit.

My friend Ciacci likes to pull the Cooper style robbery – He’s a great example of how any guy can pull it off.

Cooper’s style is based on two staple pieces: the three piece suit and a casual leather jacket. He keeps it classic with a dark palate, but adds freshness by incorporating blue and grey suits into his wardrobe along with more traditional black pieces. Shirts with fashion-forward prints and accessories like ties, scarves, and that trademark smile, round out the look. For more casual affairs, the perfect getup is simple: jeans, a fitted t-shirt, a leather jacket.

Nice shirt, now take it off.












Leather jackets are hot on any guy.










This guy wears a lot of suits. And when he wears his suits, he WEARS his suits! I love that he doesn’t go with the normal black suit, solid dress shirt. Try out a three piece suit. This changes up the look a bit and definitely makes you stand out. All I have to say is, Dayum Bradley!

Wearing a three piece suit gives you extra pockets for things like gum, tissues and pens.

This guy lost all his pens.