Treat Yo’ Self to the Beyonce of Finishing Spray this Fall

Skindinavia Finishing Spray for Fall

Let’s face it, basic or not, every diva loooves fall. We can’t help it, it’s in our DNA. Crisp air, warm cozy socks, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, and cute baggy sweaters… what’s not to love? Skindinavia is sharing all our fall 2018 essentials with you babes so you can do it the right way this year. Check out our top 4 favs below.

1. Skindinavia’s Finishing Spray is Chill-y AF

Skindinavia Fall Finishing Spray

Our number one fall essential this year and (every year) is our very own finishing spray (obviously). Unfortunately, mother nature is not always so nice to our skin. Chilly weather often means dry, flakey unflattering skin that may make you want to stay home and hibernate. Fortunately, Skindinavia’s got your back…and your face.

Our finishing spray is an award winning formula with timed-release evaporation that retains moisture longer even when you are in frigid temps to keep you cool, fresh and hydrated all day. Our patent formula is also

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Pore Minimizing
  • Long Lasting

Don’t let dry, cracked alligator skin ruin your fall. Do yourself a favor and pick up some of our finishing spray ASAP.

2. Channel Your inner Fall With a Good FlannelFall Flannel and Finishing Spray

Ohh the notorious flannel. It’s a fall staple that will never go out of style, kind if like our finishing spray 😏. Whether you wear it as a top or wrap it around your waist to flaunt your edgier side, every diva needs one (or three) good flannels in their closet for the fall season. Our favorite is the classic black and red lumberjack look that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

3. A Luscious Lip

New seasons mean new fun makeup tones and colors to test out, specifically lipstick. While the go to berry color will always be a good fall choice, this year we are pumped to experiment with new metallic coppers, cool browns, deep purples, pumpkin oranges, and most of all, rich mahogany (Cue Ron Burgundy) .

A rich mahogany lip gives you a cool sexy look that is perfect for the chillier months. Our favorite is by Flesh and after you’ve applied, give your lips a hydrating spritz of Skindinavia’s Finishing Spray for a look that will last all night!

4. The Perfect Fall Treat

There are so many delicious pies, breads, and cookies to choose from during the fall season. Luckily we’ve found the all-time best fall dessert recipe that will save you hours of scrolling through Pinterest. You’re welcome.

Skindinavia Fall Finishing Spray 2


These mini, no-bake pecan pie tarts are SERIOUSLY good and the best part is they are pretty dang healthy! Whip these babies up for whatever fall festivities you have planned and you are sure to WOW all your friends and family. Ohh and don’t worry, you can devour these even after you’ve applied your lipstick, finishing spray duo from above and your lips won’t freakin’ budge no matter how many you eat! Get the recipe here


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