The Best Setting Spray to Help SLAY Your Halloween Look

Skindinavia Best Setting Spray for HalloweenSkindinavia Best Setting Spray for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time to bust out your best makeup skills. Let’s face it, Halloween is totally awesome and makeup is the key to any great costume! Besides, when else do you have the excuse to experiment with off-the-wall makeup looks and designs? Whether you are going for a spooky or sexy look this year, it’s essential you use the best setting spray possible to lock in your halloween masterpiece. That way you can trick or treat and party all night long without worrying if all that greasy costume makeup will start running off your face.

Skindinavia Setting Spray is the Best, DUH

Skindinavia Best Setting Spray for Halloween mean girlsEven Karen understands the importance of a good setting spray. Don’t spend hours perfecting your intricate zombie wounds just to have them smudge or fade away moments after. Skindinavia’s setting spray is the all-time best setting spray that will help your makeup outlast ANY halloween event. Seriously, we’ve had customers say their makeup stayed on for 16 hours!

@AnnieMakeUpLook said it perfectly, “Ordered another @Skindinavia oil control setting spray. This stuff is so good and comes in a huge bottle. My makeup has been on for 18 hours and it still looks freshly applied”

Skindinavia Best Setting Spray HalloweenWhether you are out dancing the night away at a sleek party, running around the neighborhood trick or treating, or tip toeing through a terrifying haunted house, our setting spray will keep your halloween makeup locked in place through any amount of blood, sweat, or tears. And let’s be honest, Halloween has the possibility of bringing out all three of them.

Pro Halloween Makeup Tips

  • Skindinavia’s setting spray should be the very last step of your makeup routine. However, if you want to secure your look to the fullest, start your routine with Skindinavia’s Primer Spray. It will provide your face with a smooth even canvas in order to create all your spooky designs
  • Spritz the setting spray on your neck and chest as well if your makeup extends past your face

Proof Skindinavia is the Holy Grail of Setting Sprays

Skindinavia's Best Setting Spray

A fashionista can burn a whole lot of time and mula finding a setting spray that caters to their skin type and wallet that ACTUALLY works. And don’t even think about reaching for the hairspray just because it’s cheap. This “hack” can actually be quite detrimental to your skin and leaves it sticky and irritated.

Skindinavia can save you a whole lot of time and money. We’ve listed out some of the reasons why you need to look no further when deciding on the best setting spray for Halloween as well as everyday use.

Skindinavia’s Products Have an Award Winning formula

Unfortunately our skin’s natural heat and moisture loss result in

  • Makeup color loss, requiring frequent touch-ups
  • Excessive oil production to counteract dryness
  • Dry, cracked makeup

Therefore, all Skindinavia’s products have been created with that in mind. Our sprays are lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic, and silicone free which are extremely essential qualities when adding atop the masses of crazy halloween makeup you may have already applied. The last thing you would want is to add more heavy makeup to weigh you down and run the risk of looking “cakey”.

We’ve Created The Best Setting Spray, Specifically for Oil Control

Skindinavia's Best Setting Spray

We all know shiny skin can be a real pain in the rear and no one should have to feel self conscious about their skin. So, in order to cater to all our bad-ass customers, we created a Setting Spray for Oily Skin.

Our patented formula will keep your makeup cool and shine-free while absorbing excess oil, preventing makeup from settling into pores, sliding or creasing. This anti-budge fine mist spray will give you a nice soft matte look while keeping your makeup in place all day.

So, we can probably all agree that streaky makeup is not a good look. Unless of course you are going for some kind of distressed, teary-eyed femme fatale type of character. Avoid a Halloween mishap and strut your awesome costume with confidence this Halloween with Skindinavia. Check out our recent blog post that breaks down our Setting Spray for Oily Skin even further!


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