The All-Time Best Makeup Primer You Need To Buy Today

If you don’t currently start your makeup routine with a makeup primer, you are truly missing out! Whether you spend hours perfecting a full face of fierce makeup or just use a quick bb cream, a good makeup primer is a Godsend when you are looking to create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup and Skindinavia has created the all time best makeup primer. Trust us, you’ll be sure to add makeup primer as a permanent fixture in your daily makeup regimen.

The Best Makeup Primer to Keep Your Makeup Looking Flawless All Day

Skindinavia's Best Makeup Primer

Using makeup primer is often a step people skip when going through their daily makeup routine because they aren’t sure if it actually does anything or if it’s worth the investment. Well, we are here to tell you Skindinavia’s Primer definitely is and we have hundreds of satisfied customers who would agree. (Check out our rave reviews)

“Skindinavia has the BEST primer and setting sprays. They have different formulas for different skin types. They are light weight, non drying and provide the perfect base for your foundation. I highly recommend”. -Abby

Our patented technology forms a lightweight, breathable base that works with your makeup to slowly release over 16 hours. This means it will absorb better ultimately extending the life of your foundation and keeping you fresh all day. Our formula is the best makeup primer out there and out lasts competitors by a long shot.

Makeup Primer Helps Regulate Oil and Diminish Pores

@openbeauty1 using Skindinavia's Best Makeup Primer

Shine Control

We all live for a good glowy beauty moment, however, we would prefer to control the glow instead of having an all over glow which comes off looking oily. The average skin temperature is 90 degrees which causes moisture to evaporate quickly, drying out your skin and makeup and ultimately creating excess oil to counteract. Oily skin can be a real downer but a good makeup primer like Skindinavia’s miraculously helps absorb oil getting rid of that undesirable shine and as a result, leaves you with a luxurious and cool matte texture all day long.

  • Pro tip: Pair Skindinavia’s primer spray with our makeup setting spray for oily skin for best results. It’s the perfect kit to prep and set a flawless face. Our Makeup Primer Spray ensures a silky smooth application, while our cult favorite Makeup Finishing Spray will seal and hold your makeup in place even on a hot sunny day or cold rainy night!

Goodbye Pores, Hello Silky Smooth Skin

First comes oily skin, next comes large pores, it’s a vicious cycle because if you have one you have the other. The good news is, if our primer fights one it fights the other as well. Our makeup primer greatly reduces the appearance of pores, evens out skin tones, blurs the appearance of fine lines, and creates a smooth surfaces for the rest of your makeup.

Silicone free

A lot of makeup primers out there have silicone based products. Applying silicone to your face traps debris in your pores and increases the chances of you having breakouts and ultimately unhealthy skin.

Best Makeup Primer - Silicone FreeHere at Skindinavia we understand that pore-clogging silicon primers have no place on your face. Therefore, all our products are silicone free which is yet another reason why we have the best makeup primer on the market. A couple other reasons why you should avoid silicone based products are:

  • They block the other helpful vitamins & ingredients from absorbing
  • Silicone will make your skin dull and dehydrated
  • They can interfere with cell renewal and making your skin look tired

The Benefits of a Makeup Primer Spray

Primers come in all different forms, they can be creams, gels, powders or sprays. So how do you choose one? It goes without saying, the LESS you touch your face the better.

@leiahscheibel using Skindinavia's Best Makeup Primer

How many times a day do we already touch our face? The answer? Too many to count. Whether we are 

  • Applying makeup
  • Wiping our eyes
  • Resting our hands on our chins

The bottom line is, we touch our face many times unconsciously throughout the day therefore, we don’t need to add another reason to do it with our primer. Skindinavia’s makeup primer comes in a spray form for a lightweight and easy to use solution that just takes a couple quick hydrating mists to prep your makeup.

Pro Primer Tips

  1. Spray your makeup brush with primer before you start to prolong your makeup even longer.
  2. Spray 2-4 times in an X & T motion 6 inches from you face
  3. If you are planning on wearing color on your lips pat them with primer beforehand to reduce oils and expand the longevity of your lipstick. We know…Genius. You’re welcome!


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