Beauty Traveler and Pro Makeup Artist Stephanie Flor


Stephanie Flor talks with Skindinavia

Imagine yourself on a journey around the world discovering beauty traditions and rituals from different cultures, sounds amazing right? Well meet the young woman whose living this exciting dream, Stephanie Flor. Makeup Artist and Founder of has made it her mission to not only reconnect with her Latina roots but discover what beauty secrets women are practicing all over the world. She’s traveled to more than a dozen countries and her footage of Indian, Japanese and Ecuadorian beauty rituals will leave you intrigued to book a flight! Stephanie’s been featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, & to name a few as she rapidly gains followers. Here she shares with us her passions for travel and her absolute favorite beauty regimens!

What inspired you to take your passion to the next level and journey around the world to discover different beauty techniques that are still practiced in different cultures?

I’ve always read self empowerment books and attended workshops in living your best life. I read a book that talked about leaving a legacy, creating the most impossible thing you can imagine into reality. I was struck and I said I want to take my passion for beauty and leave an impact around the world. I want to learn and share the stories of beauty in different cultures and keep them alive. As a latina I felt disconnected with my culture so I went back and gained the spirit of my beauty by discovering my beauty roots.

What’s the most interesting beauty regimen you’ve come across since you started Around The World Beauty?

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Beauty to me means knowledge. Being aware of who you are. All the tools just enhance it.

Skin Bleaching in Philippines. I love being dark, but in Asia light is always in. They offer skin bleaching everywhere- I was intrigued by a full body bleach that was marketed in salon windows. I’m not sure about that one….

What does the word ‘beauty’ mean to you?

Beauty to me means knowledge. Being aware of who you are. All the tools just enhance it.

How do you refresh your skin after a long flight to your next destination?

Two ways – I use Skyn Iceland gel packs on my face to rehydrate my under eyes, forehead and also lip lines. I drink tons of water.

What’s your must-have beauty product of all time?

Lashes but doesn’t count, right 🙁 I would say a Red Lipstick its always there to save the day. I believe a red lipstick embodies american beauty its the one beauty trick I share with women around the world.

Have you ever discovered a beauty secret or product gem you can’t live without on your travels? Share with me below!