Ashley Anne Harris Sets the Stage for All Day Makeup with Brooke Shields

Los Angeles-based makeup artist, Ashley Ann Harris has worked with some of the most talented actors, producers, models, and photographers in the world. Harris’ makeup has been featured on a multitude of movies, television shows and music videos. It’s safe to say, when it comes to makeup this chick really knows what she’s doing.

On Saturday, Harris tweeted live photos of herself and Brooke Shields back stage at the Funny or Die studios as Ashley set the stage for all-day makeup wear.  Her hard work was kept in place by using SKINDINAVIA makeup finishing products over Brooke’s base and bronzer.

This product is FABULOUS!  I love it!  It smells amazing and feels so refreshing.  Brooke liked it a lot and commented on how nice it felt, I gave her one of my medium sized original formulas.  I figured I could share…!

We are flattered that Brooke Shields approved of our products and we know you will too! Check some photos of Brooke and Ashley Ann backstage at the shoot. Ashley went for a natural, clean look for Brooke – what do you think of her choice of makeup?

  When she finished Brooke’s makeup, Ashley tweeted:

It’s +90 degrees on set and we are reaching the 10th hour. Still haven’t had to powder her face. You are amazing @skindinavia!

Performing for hours under bright lights can take a toll on makeup. Through all the sweat and temperature changes makeup starts to fade, melt down and become shiny, but SKINDINAVIA is one of those tricks of the trade used by celebrity makeup artists like Ashley Ann Harris, to keep their client’s makeup intact and flawless. It’s been used on Hollywood sets for years becoming the secret weapon for all makeup artists. Just a few sprays helps to keep makeup intact for up to 16+ hours.

The Original Makeup Finishing Spray greatly extends makeup wear, maintains color and prevents makeup from smudging, melting and creasing. After applying all of your makeup, shake the bottle well and spray 3-4 inches from your face. After spraying, let it set and dry – your makeup is now sweat, temperature and crease-proof for 16 hours! SKINDINAVIA works well with your favorite makeup brands and is compatible with any skin type.

SKINDINAVIA invented the makeup finish as a simple way for women to keep their makeup looking flawless all day. Each spray uses our patented Temperature Control Technology® which prevents makeup from melting, drying out, becoming shiny, or creasing. SKINDINAVIA Makeup Finishes hold everything in place while giving you a healthy, natural glow. Never too dry or too oily. No touch ups or blotting. Just you and the perfect look you love. All day.