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HI SISTERS! For today’s video, I partnered with Skindinavia to test out their Makeup Finishing Spray which claims to last for 16 hours… amazing, but also wearing makeup for 16 hours straight sounds like my worst nightmare, hahaha! I had a very busy day and decided to take you guys along with me as I put the spray to the test. Will my makeup hold up? You’ll have to find out! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

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it’s too early for that good morning sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel and also welcome back to sister upload
week today is Thursday I hope everyone was having an amazing day so far if you have not yet checked out all the other videos that have gone up for the past days still don’t know how I’ve done it
make sure to go check those out and also make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow Sunday which is the final day of sister upload week and it is flashbacks brand-new acapella cover it’s currently in the morning I went to bed at from editing yesterday’s video so it looks like I’m gonna be running on four hours of sleep today but that’s a personal problem not your guys’s today’s schedule is absolutely jam-packed we
have so many fun things to do and also a lot of business to take care of but unfortunately most of those things that I have to do today require me to wear a full face of glam makeup even though my job is a beauty guru my heart lies in
doing creative makeup and fun videos and not wearing makeup around for long periods of time that is in fact one of my least favorite things in the world since I’m just gonna be doing my normal everyday makeup routine that I’ve
literally showed you guys times already I thought I would try to make this video a little bit more interesting by making it into a vlog so I’m gonna take you guys around with me all day today and to make it even more
interesting we’re gonna be testing out a setting spray that claims it can last for up to hours I honestly have no idea what time I’m gonna get back home tonight and be able to do glam I am
praying it’s not hours at this point if it is I’m just like going back to bed but yeah if you want to have any fun little sister’s day with me I’m gonna get up right now because I’m already running a little bit late keep on
watching [Music] coming tomorrow oh these underwear literally work wonder maybe we’ll go
ahead and use a co James for % off hoodies today these officially sold out on sisters apparel you guys are so so crazy this video is sponsored by my babes over to skin to media I am
associated to be partnering with them
for this video and you guys can now use Co jeans for % off your Scandinavia products you’re welcome hello excuse me well sisters today is already out to a great start
whoo let’s do this so before I go in with any makeup so now I’m gonna spritz a face using the skin to Navia the makeup primer spray and this is the oil control version the spray on this is literally so soft and it’s crazy and I’m gonna make sure to concentrate most of this in my t-zone region because but I’m wearing makeup for of long Priya logically time that is usually where it
gets oily the fastest as you guys heard earlier I am partnering with skins in Avia for today’s video so thank you very much them for sponsoring this you guys know I don’t really do a whole lot of sponsored come to it’s mostly just the
coupon codes they are so so kind and it’s a really really fun at brand to work with they have been at literally such a breath of fresh air and their products are so incredibly bomb too so
for today’s video I’m just gonna be
doing my normal makeup I have so many things to do today I don’t even know how I’m gonna end up doing it I need to get clear really fast I have a new video going up I have a few
different protocol meetings I have to go
to Starbucks to get pink kitty drinking tea at some point for today’s a new upload I have to go get my nails done as well because these look the most disgusting ever and then I’m supposed to
have dinner with some friends tonight
and then I also have to go home and film for tomorrow’s video I already know I’m gonna crash the second I finish editing later on tonight I’m gonna have to keep this makeup look on today for upwards of like to hours and skins the Navy of setting sprays are known to last for hours which is so so crazy so I’m gonna take you guys on my ride with me today on all my fun events and we’re
gonna put the setting spray to the test Canada Scandinavia makeup finishing spray hold for hours on end we’re gonna find out I literally wear the same pair of
eyelashes almost every time doing makeup now like it’s getting a little sad at this point I mean should I stop probably am I gonna stop absolutely not
I just went ahead and I quickly wet my bake off and you guys know that the next up is always Highlander we got to get the glow on of course but before I do
that I’m gonna go in and spread a face really really lightly using just the skin a navy eye makeup finishing spray this is not my Lexus final spurt obviously I’m just gonna put a little bit of this on to really like set all
those powders in place and make them melt together and then actually I love doing this before highlighter as well because it gets the scanner ready and I feel like it makes the highlighter stick a lot better and just gives a more of a blinding luck you see what I’m talking about whoa I’m gonna be out and about quite a lot place so I do want to add some blush
just to add a little bit of color to my
face because I’m looking a little bit pale and then of course a new lip to finish off this look [Music] okay wow that s today’s look already complete we literally just did that in minutes I have no idea how I just pulled that together but I am so
impressing myself right now let’s go and finish this look off once and for all using the skin tone a via the makeup and finishing spray once again this is the oil control version because the sister gets a little bit of personal grab my
fan do the little warp and then Fanta an if you guys can once you finish your makeup and use the setting spray I would always grab a fan or even like a big pallet and use that to dry your face off this is really gonna make the settings
right like melt into the skin and blend all the powders together and just set really really smoothly instead of like setting all crusty and dusty and vanilla cake looking like on top alright guys and that is this light
glam look off complete the skin to Maivia setting spray supposed to last for hours on end that is a very very hefty claim in a long time it is currently in the morning and I am
running very very late for everything that I have to do today and there is a lot on the agenda so without further ado if you’d like to see me putting this to the test right here and just follow me
around let’s have a little bit of a
sister’s day keep on watching hope you think that was probably the fastest I’ve ever gotten glam in my entire life oh my god the iPhone X camera is like scary I don’t even know if I want to keep it I’m
so spooked it’s like too good quality this doesn’t even look good anymore regardless I have three phone calls that I have to hop on right now that I’m currently running a little bit late for I’m they’re all business calls one is
with a brand that I really really love
one is with a brand that I don’t work with yet but really want to work with so I’m looking forward to that one hardcore and one is with a brand that we’ve been going back and forth with on email and things have been going too well so I’m a
little bit spooked I’m really sure how
it’s gonna go but I’m running late
my name is James Reynolds so nice to meet you guys finally I’m so they were able to get on the phone today oh no no no no no for sure I just want to make sure we’re innocent it’s like really gonna get the scissors involved just let
everyone like has a really good time oh my god you’re kidding no way oh if we want to do just episode it has to be Co James I mean it definitely isn’t the
most but what did you guys created let me get this right here you guys can’t
some of your products to try out first
to make sure I like them before I make a video for my youtube channel that almost million people watch a week rating so
other manager all of you know like the contractual and legal boring of mumbo jumbo and then you can always reach me on this number if you have a girl I do
not work for free okay YouTube another good day bye sister this one but you
guys think this is email if you wanna
reach out for any future opportunities oh my god okay – okay I’ll take you later on [Music] taury color is actually doing just fine usually I would say you win some you lose most but today we won most and lost only one and probably for the better [Music] okay sisters just doing a quick little
check in here it was probably p.m. I just uploaded today’s brand-new video with the Dolan twins it was so much fun filming and you guys are killing it so far I’m currently replying to a bunch of
different comments oh I don’t know this
checking they’re gonna go back to doing that but I want to happen because it has been about hours of writing this now and look at my frickin face are you kidding it looks so good my skin
is still extremely not like you can’t see any oil or anything at all looks so good the only thing is here there’s one little crease and then of course lip Krusty’s but that happens every time I
wear my makeup that’s my actual skin it is still not I see absolutely no oil I am a little bit shocked by this setting spray guys this is working way better than I even expected so I’m quickly
walking right now in downtown LA to get
my nails done I need a fail so badly please stop commenting on my videos and Instagram pictures done in I know god they look awful I just have not had any time but I’m gonna go to my normal guy he doesn’t so good it get a nice nude set it is literally so hot and sunny today in LA but oh my god that how it looks amazing I feel really hot on the inside and I feel like I should be sweating but my skin is actually staying really really dry [Music] you so I just finished a nail appointment it is currently p.m. at my skin is still looking so Bahamut guys I’m
literally not sweating not only in the slightest this looks amazing that was probably the most needed fail like ever of history my nails look so bad thank God they are now on fleek and
ready to go I’m gonna head home right now and edit as much as I possibly can for a little bit and then head over to dinner I need to see sister Tana ana Mari and Trevor I have not seen them in literally so long of course you guys to
be coming with me so let’s go it is really at night and my skin is still looking so so Bom I am getting a little excuse me miss I went this er mojo I am still welding my makeup today Tana do you notice anything different on my face in a wearing
makeup for almost hours now I think that is ten hours we love a mouth but yeah it still looks so good like I
literally have not done any touch-ups are you kidding oh so good this Nina hello I just got back home and it’s
currently p.m. meeting I’ve had this makeup on now for more than hours oh my god I am making percent
honest by saying I have not touched up my face once today and looking in the mirror it looks still so good if we’re being picky here my lips are obviously a little bit crusty because I was just
eating I do have a smile crease but literally I always get that that’s because I smile all day every day and then my under eyes are creasing as well but literally like look at my freaking skin it still looks flawless if anything
is looking a little bit early I would say it’s my nose but like I’m not even mad at it that happens all the time no matter what and usually it happens within like one hour of meeting I wake up it’s been I’m honestly beyond impressed now with the skin a navy eye makeup finishing spray this claims that it’s supposed to last for hours and obviously I only wore it for but let’s be real who’s gonna wear makeup for hours straight first of all not me I’ll tell you that right now I think it’s very safe to say at this point that this setting spray is a huge huge win in my book as well as the primer spray as well both the oil control versions like
I said my face looks so beat still hours I’m ready to take this off yes but if I need it to keep going out with this what I yeah probably if you guys
want to check out any skin the name of your products I will list the stuff and down below and of course you can use coach James for money off your products I just want to say a major major thank you to skins nav for partnering with me
on this video
they were so incredibly amazing to work with I cannot even begin to explain they literally were like do whatever you want make an amazing video and we’ll be happy with it I can’t even tell you how many
brand deals I’ve rejected because brands
will literally request like a six page MLA style format essay with like full citations on things to say about their product oh my girl it’s a foundation
does it look good or does it not look good it really it’s not that deep so major thank you to Scandinavia for trusting me as an influencer and having amazing amazing products alright guys
that is all I have for this video today
I really really hope you guys enjoyed following me around and if you did definitely leave a comment down below if you like this more like a vlogging style content I would totally love to do it more of this stuff soon I do blog all the time on my snapchat so if you’re not
following me I’m there definitely go add me on snap but I would not be opposed to vlogging on YouTube every once in awhile so definitely give this video a big thumbs up and let me know because sister loves a good vlog if you like to follow
me on a makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter or they both just James Charles and my snapchat for one hasn’t seen that stuff is James Charles an extra ass after Charles this week sister shot up goes to Noah thank
you so much pain for always falling in supporting you know I love you so so so much and if you would like to be next video sister shadow they should always read to it but it links when they go live on Twitter all right guys thank you
so so much for watching and remember we are in sister upload week I’ve been uploading videos every single day make sure to check out all the previous videos this past week they’ve been so much fun and stay tuned for tomorrow’s
video the final video of the week which is the flashbacks brand new cover I am so excited for you guys to hear it and yeah I love you so much and I will see you in the next one I am going to bed
good bye [Music]