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7 Makeup Mistakes With Chicago Makeup Artist Krystyn Johnson and Women’s Health

With makeup getting smarter by the day, it’s no surprise that the tips and tricks for the best ways to apply it are, too. We asked Chicago makeup artist Krystyn Johnson what mistakes she sees women making and exactly how to remedy them. Whether it involves bronzer, brows, or brushes, no need to worry—we’ve got your back… read the full article on Women’s Health.

Mistake: Piling on Powder to Set Makeup

“Not only does this make your skin look dry, unnatural, and cakey, but it also clogs your pores, says Johnson. While this is a traditional way to make makeup last, there is another, better way: setting spray. Johnson swears by Skindinavia Oil Control Makeup Finishing Spray, which controls shine by absorbing excess oil and keeps your makeup in place all day.”
– Pro Makeup Artist Susan Johnson
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