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2021 New Years Eve Makeup Ideas

So, you’ve made it through Christmas and you’re in that weird week in between Christmas and NYE where you don’t know what day it is and you have yet to change out of your stretchy pants. While it may be tempting to go for the holiday leftovers again (if they aren’t already gone) and have a cozy night in on December 31, many of us are ready to get out and celebrate the new year!

We have spent so much time inside these past few years that for NYE 2022, if you are comfortable with it, you should plan to whip out that sparkly outfit and paint the town red. There’s something special about New Year’s Eve – while Christmas is usually filled with family and traditions, with New Year comes an air of excitement, energy, and a chance to try something different – it will be a new year soon enough, after all!

When picking out your New Year’s Eve look this year, why not plan something fun, bold, or different with your makeup? You’re probably going to be wearing something black, sequined, or sparkly, and thankfully there are a ton of hot makeup trends to try out that won’t clash with your outfit.

Search “2022 Makeup Trends” and you will probably find that bold colors, lots of glitter, and graphic eyes are big trends for the new year. Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube are great places to look for inspiration – just “like” a few posts on any of these platforms and you will be sure to see 2022 makeup trends pop up consistently on your feed in no time. Here are five 2022 makeup trends to get you started:

2022 Makeup Trend #1 – Graphic Eyes

First up, graphic eyes. This trend is bold, using eyeliner to extend beyond the normal lining of the eyes and taking it towards the upper halves of the lids. You can take baby steps with this one by starting with a double-winged liner over the eyes, as shown in Dixie Damelio’s Billboard look by @patrickta:

This graphic eye tutorial from Beautification from Marta is one of our favs and perfect for beginners that want to dip their toes into trying a graphic eye!

And if you want to be more adventurous and go a little bolder? Check out this lime green graphic eye tutorial by Sandy Lin here:

2022 Makeup Trend #2 – Blush 

Next up for 2022 makeup trends is blush – and lots of it. We are even starting to see some different colors of blush (hello, purple!) Formulas in all shades of purple including violet, plum, and lavender may seem like a wild choice, but they are universally flattering on every skin tone. Don’t be afraid to apply generously to not only your cheekbones, but extend application in other directions for a look that is sure to pop. Check out how Jodie Smith rocks this trend on the Gucci runway with makeup by @allanface:

2022 Makeup Trend #3 – Glitter

The next trend to try is glitter – perfect for your NYE night out! You can opt to go for the traditional glittery smoky eye or experiment with different colors to match your outfit for a Euphoira-esque look. What’s great about the glitter is that it’s stood the test of time and there are a wide range of styles to try, from subtle to a full on bedazzled look. We especially dig this classic look with an easy step-by-step tutorial from An Knook:

2022 Makeup Trend #4 – Juicy Textures

Next, try out juicy textures – this one isn’t just for the lips! Also referred to as “waterglow,” think back to your middle school lip gloss days where you and your BFFs could be seen with lots of shininess and shimmer on both your lips and your eyes. Check out this look by @macmyqistina for some style inspo:

2022 Makeup Trend #5 – Barely There Makeup

Lastly, and perhaps our favorite trend for 2022, is the “no makeup” makeup look. As opposed to applying thick, cakey foundations that cover up birthmarks or imperfections, this trend is about embracing one’s complexion and applying lightweight products that accentuate one’s natural beauty. Think products you would wear before hitting the beach or pool on a hot summer day that give you protection from the elements but don’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all! What’s great about this trend is that it’s super easy to try, and you probably have those products already lying around your bathroom or included into your makeup routine.

We love this tutorial from @saaammage, especially because of how simple it is!

Making Your NYE Look Last

Regardless of what makeup trend you choose for your New Years Eve night, make sure to complete your look with Skindinavia’s makeup finishing spray. It’ll keep your look lasting much longer and will protect the makeup from water, wind, and your midnight kiss of course!

What does finishing spray actually do anyway? Finishing spray absorbs excess oil and adds a dewy glow. Additionally, it prevents your makeup from smudging and creasing, something that’s especially important for a night that’s sure to be full of dancing and cocktails. In fact, Skindinavia’s makeup finishing spray will result in 16+ hours of flawless protection, so you can keep the party going way past the time the ball drops. It meets the needs of professional makeup artists and has been used from Paris to Broadway to Hollywood, so you can be confident that your look will last throughout the night.

To use Skindinavia’s finishing spray, simply apply a few spritzes to your face and neck after you finish applying all of your makeup. There are two different types of finishing sprays from Skindinavia, the original formula and one targeted for oil control. Regardless of which formula you choose, you can rest assured knowing that each of Skindinavia’s finishing sprays are oil-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan.

So whatever makeup trend you choose to rock this year – graphic eyes, glitter everywhere, or lots of blush– you don’t have to worry about touch ups and you can instead spend more time on the dance floor. And whatever your new years plans, we at Skindinavia wish you and your loved ones a safe, fun, and happy new year!