2 Minute Highlight and Contour with Aussie Makeup Artist Max May


2 Minute Highlight and Contour Makeup Tutorial with Max May

If the countless tutorials of highlighting & contouring have left you dazed and confused about the “1 right way to do it”…this shall seal the deal. I find Max May’s makeup tutorial perfectly clear and (most importantly easy!) in his demo video for The Daily Telegraph. Here are the detailed steps and video below.

Step 1

Apply your everyday foundation. Whether it be a BB cream, powder or liquid, prep your normal daily “face” to start.

Step 2

makeup tip aussie makeup artist max mayUse: highlighting and concealing pen. Works as an illuminator and helps reflect light at high points of the face to build structure. Recommended highlighters: MACL’OréalYves Saint Laurent

Highlight the high points of your face which are: top of cheek bone, corner eye, down center of nose, center forehead, cupids bow and groove under bottom lip.

Draw these lines on your face with your highlighter like the picture. You then want to gently dab and blend product into the skin (rubbing produces redness!).

Step 3

Makeup Tip from Max MayUse: a matte bronzer (no shimmer) and angled blush brush or medium foundation brush.
Recommended bronzers: NYX, Bobbi Brown, Guerlain

Contour by applying light amount of bronzer underneath cheekbones. Keep high near ear and do not bring far down toward the mouth. Buff product in with a few brush strokes. With remainder of product on the brush, apply to temples and swipe over top of hairline.

Optional: for the illusion of a sharp jaw, apply bronzer underneath jaw line gently in a straight line. Slimmer nose illusion apply to the sides of your nose.

Step 4

Optional extra pop! – use a shimmer highlight powder and dust along tops of cheekbones and center of nose (perfect definition for photos!).

And you’re done! Easy, right? To quickly draw highlighter lines and dusting bronzer in the right places will definitely make a huge difference. It’s the perfect pretty makeup for those it’s-too-hot-to-wear-makeup days.

So tell me, did this makeup tutorial help you perfect your highlight & contour skills? Leave me a note below!

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Source: The Daily Telegraph.