10 Essential Makeup Travel Tips

Before your next flight, review this article containing 10 tips for carrying makeup while traveling. Learn how to pack it all in a small bag, what products you can leave at home, and the best containers to use.

makeup travel tips

#1 – Before You Book Your Trip, Consider the Following

The necessities for packing toiletries while traveling will differ based on the individual, the trip (length, weather etc.), and where you’re going.

On a hiking trip in Utah, your cosmetics requirements might be different from those you’d have on an art-viewing excursion in Italy.

Everyone has their own routines, and what makes them feel comfortable, but understanding what activities you’ll be performing the most will help you figure out what travel makeup to bring.

Packing method is another thing to think about- will you need checked bags or can you get away with just a personal item? More space comes with larger luggage, but being carry-on only saves time and effort.

#2 –It is Best to Use Small Containers

How do you pack your makeup when traveling? If you don’t want your cosmetics to count against your carry-on baggage allowance, keep each item less than 3.4 ounces. It’s also a good idea to bring as little makeup as possible and decant larger products into smaller bottles.

Remember that you’ll need to carry around everything you want to take with you, including your travel cosmetics, so keep it simple wherever feasible.

All your liquids, creams, and of course your makeup should be close at hand in leak-proof squeezable bottles or small reusable jars.

Furthermore, I often find that many people who wear makeup or use beauty products have these types of containers left over from previous products. Instead of carelessly discarding them, save them to use for travel and fill them with other items you may need while on the go!

#3 – Avoid Using Compact Powders

Making touch-ups on the go is essential, but it can be a hassle when you have to deal with packing bulky powder compacts. Pressed powders are a great way to save in your bag and they’re TSA-friendly.

Cream makeup products are less likely to break than compact powders, making them a better choice for travelers.

#4 – Use a Leak-Proof Makeup Bag

How do you protect makeup in luggage? A leak-proof makeup bag is a must when traveling with cosmetics, whether you prefer liquid or powder makeups.

Being prepared is key when it comes to preventing spills while flying on an airplane.

No one wants their clothes or toiletries to get ruined by makeup, so invest in a good leak-proof bag before you travel. I learned this lesson the hard way and now always take this precautionary measure.

leak free makeup bag

#5 – Bring Easy-to-Apply Products

A more extensive makeup routine might work well at home, but when you’re on the road, it’s better to keep things simple.

Reduce the number of makeup brushes you take with you. Leave the multi-step process systems at home. Even if you believe you’ll need all of your core items when packing, you’ll probably be too busy having a good time to go through everything in your destination.

#6 – Makeup Travel Tip, be Minimal in Your Carry-On Bag

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that you can carry powder-based products in your carry-on bag without limit. I’d recommend keeping things as simple as possible, but no palettes or loose powders will be removed from you.

Regarding liquids in your carry-on, it’s essential to remember the limit. This way, you can avoid airports hassles and bring your favorite cosmetics with you on the plane.

You can’t bring large bags with liquids, gels, or aerosols on planes. To avoid any messes, this zip-top bag should close securely.

To avoid any issues, pack as little cosmetics in your carry-on bag as possible. Put makeup in your carry-on if it’s a single item; otherwise, place it in the checked luggage. You’ll just need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial cleanser when you fly.

#7 – Use Multi-Purpose Products

You can economize space in your suitcase and save weight by bring multipurpose products when you travel. For example, pack a lip tint that also works as blush, or determine if you want to use liquid foundation of concealer instead.

lipstick that doubles as blush, One palette with both mattes and shimmers, makeup like this will make packing your bag a breeze, save you space & time getting ready each day, and give you more opportunities to explore on vacation.

#8 – Bring Your Own Mirror

If you’re planning on staying in hostels or homestays, don’t take it for granted that there will be a mirror in the room.

A small mirror in your carry-on will allow you to check your appearance throughout your travels. Without a mirror, only the very self-confident or misguided would apply travel cosmetics.

makeup travel mirror

#9 – Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

I feel like this is something that many people know, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen while on the road.

When you’re on the go, it can be tough to keep up with your normal routine, especially when it comes to wearing makeup. But there are some things you just shouldn’t sacrifice — like sunscreen!

If you want to help reduce the amount of time you spend applying makeup in the morning, try using a foundation or moisturizer that has SPF already included.

#10 – Bring a Setting Spray or Powder

Traveling often entails lengthy excursions in your destination. It involves a lot of sun exposure, activity, and perspiration.

Packing a quality makeup setting spray will keep your makeup from budging–no matter how long the day is. Skandinava has a great makeup primer Skindinavia Makeup Primer Sprays

By doing this, you can prevent your foundation and eyeshadow from sliding off, as well as your eyeliner from smudging to your hairline.