What is Vegan Makeup?

For those who don’t know, veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. This includes meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, and any other product that comes from an animal. But what many people don’t realize is that there are also vegan beauty products available on the market today. So if you’re wondering whether your favorite makeup brands test on animals or not, read on for more information about vegan beauty products.

Many people don’t realize that animal-derived ingredients like bugs, fat, horns, and claws are regularly used in beauty products.

After finding out that many cosmetic products contain animal ingredients, some companies decided to only source and manufacture vegan cosmetics without contributing to cruelty.

If you’re new to the world of vegan cosmetics, have no fear–we will guide you through all the Vegan Beauty Basics. We want to help you make ethical choices that are not only good for animals but also good for the planet. By reading this vegan beauty guide, you will learn what “vegan cosmetics” means and how to find them.

What is vegan makeup

A Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Beauty

What is Vegan Beauty?

Veganism is a lifestyle that abstains from the use of animal products, and extends to all areas of life – including beauty! When we talk about vegan beauty, We’re referring to cosmetics, personal care, and skincare items that do not contain any ingredients derived from animals or insects. This includes beeswax, lanolin ( wool wax ), honey, collagen, gelatin, albumen, carmine (crushed beetle shells used as a pigment), keratin, and shellac.

A product can only be considered “vegan” if it does not knowingly test its ingredients or finished goods on animals during any stage of development.

Difference between ‘Vegan’ vs. ‘Vegan-Friendly’ vs. ‘100% Vegan.’

These all have the same definition: a product without any ingredients or animal by-products. However, sometimes companies may be referring to one vegan product as opposed to an entire brand that is vegan.

Do Vegan Beauty Products Test Animals?

Animal testing is a controversial topic, but some products that claim to be vegan may have been tested on animals. Some people believe that any product that isn’t certified vegan has been tested on animals in some way.

For example, some beauty companies advertise a line of “100% Vegan” shampoo. However, what many people don’t know is that they are paying for and allowing their products to be tested on animals. So although the ingredients in the shampoo may not come from animals, the company still profits from animal cruelty and isn’t considered cruelty-free.

Which animal products are commonly used in makeup?

Many beauty products contain animal-derived ingredients, such as carmine, lanolin, keratin, collagen, elastin, animal-derived glycerin, and stearic acid. Pearl silk milk and snail slime are among others.

Do animals die to provide us with beauty products?

Animal ingredients in cosmetics come from either killed or living animals, or they can be sourced as a by-product of the meat and dairy industries.

What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian cosmetics?

There are a few different types of vegetarian beauty products, but true vegetarian products don’t contain any ingredients that come from animals. However, some vegetarian products may include elements such as honey, beeswax, egg whites (albumen), or milk substances derived from animals.

Vegan cosmetics are made without any ingredients that come from animals, whether they were killed for their ingredients or not.

What’s the difference between a vegan brand and a vegan product?

Some cosmetics brands are vegan, while others have individual vegan products. At Vegan brands, we are dedicated to using only ingredients that come from non-animal sources. Though not every brand is vegan, some do offer vegan beauty products.

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Who makes sure that Vegan beauty products are effective?

There are four third-party certifications for vegan beauty products and brands: PETA, Vegan Society, Vegan Action, and The Vegetarian Society.

If you’re looking to purchase vegan and cruelty-free items, then look for brands that have been certified by Three organizations: Cruelty-Free International, Leaping Bunny, and Choose Cruelty-Free. Note that not every brand under these three categories are vegan, but they are all cruelty-free.

Wondering how to tell if a brand or beauty product is suitable for vegans?

The most reliable way to ensure a product is vegan is by checking the Allergen Information. If that’s not an option, look for either a label proclaiming Suitable For Vegans or the Certified Vegan logo.

If a product contains any allergens like dairy, eggs, or seafood, it will be listed under the allergen ingredients list. As for vegetarian items, look out for the Green Dot.

Are Vegan Cosmetics Safe?

Not always. Although vegan ingredients are mostly plant-based, some can be created in a laboratory and have little to do with nature.

Some cosmetic manufacturers use synthetic ingredients, which are often cheaper than natural plant-based ingredients. These same synthetic ingredients also happen to be vegan and animal-free.

Do Vegan Cosmetics Cost More Than Non-Vegan?

We have many product guides that feature vegan beauty products that are affordable and budget-friendly. You can find a vegan alternative for under $10 for just about anything.

The Possible Benefits of Vegan Cosmetics

The truth is that sometimes, the “vegan” label on cosmetics products is nothing more than a buzzword used by marketers to sell their products.

Just because a product is vegan doesn’t mean it’s good. As with any other beauty products, do your research before buying vegan cosmetics – read reviews and get recommendations from friends and family.

Benefits of Using Vegan Beauty Products?

By buying cosmetics that don’t use animal products, we’re supporting a kinder future for all creatures, both large and small. Animals should not have to sacrifice their lives in the name of vanity.