Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Stephanie Flor - Makeup Artist & Educator

NYC - New York, NY

Give us a little background on yourself.

Where to begin. I love makeup, and I love being a makeup artist. Today my career has taken a different direction than to who I was becoming when I first started. I was hungry to be the best and grow fast. Now I value a more gentle journey that allows me to do what I love while still co-creating my different passions that I have evolved into. Of course all in beauty. I'm currently the North American Beauty Expert for The Body Shop, a brand I have wanted to work with for years due to their vision and stand. While juggling freelance life working behind the scenes and also building a brand called Around The World Beauty which I call my life's purpose. I am a women of many heart-driven projects but more importantly one that believes in community and relationships. This industry isn't the easiest the more you can be authentic with you are, the more you will thrive.

What is your philosophy when it comes to makeup?

My philosophy when it comes to makeup is that it should be part of the story you want to tell. Let it adorn you, be curious, and explore texture, color and meaning behind what makes us feel beautiful. Allow makeup to express the beauty you hold inside.

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

Ahh I'm so grateful for a career abundant in moments of amazingness. From fashion week across the world, to clients wanting to feel beautiful for just one day. Being agency represented by Cloutier, being a spokesperson for brands like Clinique, The Body Shop, Maybelline is still my most notable because it allowed me to be an expert in my craft and gain the confidence in who I am as an artist in the industry.

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