Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Leslie Hernandez - Makeup Artist & Educator

Dallas, TX - Dallas-Fort Worth

Give us a little background on yourself.

I discovered makeup when I was 10 years old and it changed my life. I started with a caboodle that I would fill with samples from my mother's and aunt's purchases from Estee Lauder and Clinique. It was fascinating the small blushes and eyeshadows. I would do makeup on my Cabbage Patches and one of them had a retractable ponytail that I could style short or long.

When I was a teen my aunt gave me the best makeup tip that I still use to this date: pencil the inner eye rim with brown or black pencil, nowadays is called tight lining. When I wore it my classmates and teachers will notice something in my eyes, but couldn't figure it out. I was asked several times. I realized that makeup is powerful and it's every women's secret weapon.

During college, I opened my own beauty salon in Mexico and operate it for 8 years before moving to Dallas. I fell in love with the Dallas makeup scene and diversity. I loved the transformative power of makeup and the confidence it can give a woman. I started working at MAC to learn more about makeup in Dallas. It was the best and most convenient way to learn product knowledge and client relations and get paid at the same time. After less than a year with MAC, I was ready to have my own business like back in Mexico. I love the artistic part of makeup as much as I love to take on a business.

What is your philosophy when it comes to makeup?

I like to retain my client's very own beauty with flawless skin, seamless contours, highlights, and corrections. I believe that my client should look perfected and flawless where you can see the effect of the makeup, but not the makeup. The steps that I took to get you there should not be obvious. It is a secret between me and my client.

I love working with women and helping them bring out their femininity and more of what they already are. When you have your hands literally on someone else, they can feel your intentions. People can tell if you are working in the moment to create the best look for their bone structure and eye shape, just as they can tell if you are going through the motions doing the same tired look on every face you encounter.

As a makeup artist, I have to nurture my client and build her confidence. I love to see a client leave my chair, look in the mirror and smile back at herself. There's body language that goes with confidence. If she throws her shoulders back and holds her head high when she leaves then I know I did my job well.

What are some of your notable projects?

  • PY 1 Nights - a club concept by Cirque de Soleil
  • Osadia Tequila launch campaign
  • Dia de Los Muertos with Reina Rebelde
  • Grapevine Convention center and visitors bureau

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