Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Julia Dalton-Brush - Makeup Artist & Educator

NYC - New York, NY

Give us a little background on yourself.

I’ve been a makeup artist for over a decade, makeup has been a beautiful outlet and career. I started Brush Beauty in 2010, a small freelance artist agency. In 2018 I started my all-natural skincare line, B3 Balm.

What do you think makes makeup so special in our world?

I think makeup is the tool that allows our creativity and joy to flourish. I believe it brings people together and it allows us to make people feel more beautiful by only enhancing their natural and gorgeous features.

Makeup gives us a tool to connect to others and to connect to our own community.

We can be on set making a model ready for camera or in a home for women showing how to apply makeup that helps give them more confidence to go out and get a new job - it’s not just about colors and coverup, it’s about the heart, passion and love we all put into it and lift each other up with and there’s magic in that.

What are some of your notable projects?

  • All my work for FILA - from billboards in Times Square to catalog work. They are family to me
  • Department heading 3 shows for NBC Universal and building a team and family there
  • The Aussie Hair Care is always so much fun to work with

There are really too many to count bc most jobs I go on are with incredible clients I’ve had the privilege of building relationships with over the years and I feel really excited and lucky to work with them.

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