Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Donna Sousa - Makeup Artist

Warwick - Providence & Newport

Give us a little background on yourself.

I have been dabbling in makeup since I was 9 years old.

I am self-employed for most of my career as an independent artist.

I love to work on different projects that I create.

I am always looking for new concepts and visions to bring to life. I love doing photoshoots making models' faces transform with the magic on makeup.

I love working with designers to come up with different concepts.

I also am known as a bridal artist and love making them look and feel beautiful for the most important day of their lives.

What is your philosophy when it comes to makeup?

First applying makeup starts with perfectly prepped and primed skin. Without the right hydration and prep makeup will not go on smoothly and evenly. It becomes more difficult to create a flawless complexion. Working with the right tools, Keeping everything in code and hygienic, are the most important points in our industry.

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

Working with the designer Zoey Grey project for Seventeen Magazine, and other publications.

Being a makeup lead for the Patrica Fields NY Fashion Week Show

Running behind the scenes as Makeup Director/Lead Artist for different genres of New York Fashion Week including Couture, Society, ESPN Magazine, NY, Hudson Yards, and individual designers at Pier 59.

Being Creative Director for different magazine publications.

Having a Production company, producing themed photoshoots for designers.

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